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Last Updated: Friday, 6 May, 2005, 06:27 GMT 07:27 UK
Papers hail Labour's historic win
Tony Blair pops out of a birthday cake on the front of the Daily Mirror to celebrate Labour's historic third term.

The Sun considers the result a "kick in the ballots", with its political editor saying the "anti-war brigade" was responsible for the slashed majority.

However, the Daily Mail says the result was caused by "revulsion" over the Iraq war and doubts over the premier's honesty.

The Independent agrees Labour suffered from the anti-war protest vote and also highlights a Tory revival.

Power shift

He may just have secured a third term, but Mr Blair's future is already being scrutinised in the papers.

The Independent wonders how long he will be in Number 10 and the Mirror believes he could be gone in a year.

The Guardian suggests Mr Blair has been shocked by the personal hostility shown towards him during the campaign.

It says that some of his closest political colleagues believe his mood will add to the sense that power is shifting towards Gordon Brown.


There are plenty of suggestions for what Labour should concentrate its efforts on as it returns to government.

The Financial Times says the prime minister's in-tray is already packed, with Britain's presidency of the EU and a meeting of G8 leaders both in July.

The Daily Express is rather more direct, saying politicians should stop mudslinging and get stuck into the problems facing the country.

Meanwhile the Sun says there can be no resting on the laurels of three wins.

Carry on Howard

For Michael Howard, the consensus appears to be that he should stay on as leader of the Conservatives.

The Mail credits him with revitalising a party that had almost begun to take defeat for granted.

The Telegraph says Mr Howard is the best man to exploit any ructions in the government and oversee changes that have to be made in his party.

The Mirror says there was only going to be one triumph the Conservatives - his wife Sandra's fashion sense.

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