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Last Updated: Friday, 9 December 2005, 14:21 GMT
The people at the mosque

Amid widespread interest in Islam, the BBC News website is hosting a live laptop link-up from one of the biggest mosques and community centres in London.

Al-Manaar Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre in West London is a centre used by 5,000 people a week. The BBC's Dominic Casciani is there taking your questions for people who work and pray there.

Here is some background on some of the people answering your questions.

Dr Abdulkarim Khalil
Director of Al-Manaar

Dr Khalil was born in Libya and moved to the UK in 1982. He has a PhD in engineering and worked in teaching and research both in Britain and America. Abdulkarim was one of the principal people behind the idea of Al-Manaar. He is also remains a senior figure in the Muslim Council of Britain umbrella body.

Aicha Manakova

Aicha was born in the Czech Republic and came to Britain five years ago. She was born into a Catholic family and studied theology. But her most important experience was a two-week trip to Israel and the Palestinian territories. On visiting the Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem she said she felt a powerful force that convinced her Islam has the means to unite people.

Abdulkarim Kubica

Abdulkarim is the man who keeps Al-Manaar running, including co-ordinating all its different activities and links with the wider community. Scottish-born of Polish heritage, Abdulkarim became a Muslim on 26 December 1991 in Glasgow. He worked in healthcare, business and industry before joining Al Manaar 18 months ago.

Saleha Islam

Saleha is a trustee of Al Manaar but her normal day job is a management consultant associated with social work. She has wide professional experience of how minorities find a place in society - and of how society treats them - and changes itself as it becomes more diverse.

Other people will be taking part during the day, including an Imam from Al-Manaar and members of the local community.

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