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Last Updated: Wednesday, 4 May 2005, 20:52 GMT 21:52 UK
UK voters' panel: Chris Li

Chris Li
Name: Chris Li
Age: 26
Lives: Bournemouth
Works: Sales
Current voting intention: Labour
In 10 words or less:
"Graduate, family man, political activist"

In the last few weeks I feel the whole election campaign has been off track.

The issue of Iraq has been discussed more than I expected.

That is history and people have their own opinions on it anyway.

On Thursday we are going to vote for our next MPs and our next government and we will choose the direction our whole lives will take in the next few years.

If Tony Blair is not capable enough to be PM, Labour members will do something accordingly after the election.

Therefore, Labour will still get my vote in this election.

The Tories simply don't deserve my vote. They attacked Blair as a liar, but I believe Michael Howard would have invaded Iraq sooner.

They claim we would have better public services with lower income tax under their governance but I doubt it, as I could not work it out in the way they presented it.

The most irritating thing about their campaign has been their immigration policy. We should have a fairer system than they propose and we need to view the issue in a more positive light.

It may turn out that Labour is not good enough. We could end up making a mistake.

But under this Labour government my parents' business has seen significant growth.

So I have already seen benefits under Labour and I think they can do it again.

Your comments:

Chris I respect your views, but in Bournemouth, vote Labour get Tory, only the Lib Dems can defeat the Tories in Bournemouth
Ian, Maidenhead

You will regret your decision - in the real economy - outside the cosy public sector world that Blair and Brown inhabit, unemployment is rising fast, consumption is declining rapidly and manufacturing and export business dwindling fast. Without a property boom to drive the economy it will grind to a halt; so the only answer this government has is to cut and run early but unfortunately as Ken Clarke has observed: in my lifetime all Labour Governments have eventually run out of money.
Alan Tyaler, Wivelsfield

As you state you are a political activist I am very surprised that you are voting Labour. Labour are eroding our right to liberty and free speech under the veil of anti terrorist laws. As a graduate you are better supported by other parties. As a family man, I can only hope for you, that the real activists bring change.
Sheila O'Neill, Sussex

I've heard this argument about a rank and file rebellion before. But given the fact that over 200,000 Labour Party members have left since 1994, I can hardly see how any left of Blair movement can reclaim the party.
Hanif Leylabi, Newcastle

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