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Last Updated: Wednesday, 4 May 2005, 20:54 GMT 21:54 UK
UK voters' panel: Tonia Barton

Tonia Barton
Name: Tonia Barton
Age: 43
Lives: Nelson, Lancashire
Works: Wine and spirit wholesalers
Current voting intention: Conservative
In 10 words or less:
"Single, committed socially liberal Conservative"

I have been disappointed with the negativity of the campaigns by the main parties.

However, I do suspect that this may be more to do with media reporting than with the actual campaigns.

In my local area the Liberal Democrats, despite their claim to have steered clear of all this, have fought an extremely negative campaign.

Most of their leaflets have consisted of knocking the Labour Party and casting doubts over the validity of any postal vote, while quoting on their leaflet the results of the European elections - which in this area was an all-postal vote!

The Labour Party have been very quiet. I've only received two Labour leaflets, which is unusual.

The Conservatives in this area have fought a good campaign.

I've had several positive leaflets detailing what their candidate will do if elected and also two letters personally addressed to me - which I have found very encouraging.

Overall, the tone of both the local and national Conservative campaigns have reinforced my original intention to vote Conservative.

I think they will deliver on the promises they have made and should be given a chance.

I also think Tony Blair has been proven to be untrustworthy and should not be given a third chance!

Your comments:

Labour are not trying because they think it is all stitched up for another term. But if people vote true to their realistic doubts over Tony Blair and Labour there will be at least a hung parliament. We must all vote for liberty, family and justice. The rest will follow in any sensible government.
Sheila O'Neill, Sussex

I hope that you stop and remember the damage caused by Mr. Howard's party last time. You obviously can afford to pay for a mortgage with 15% interest rates and can afford to pay for treatment in the NHS and let everyone else wait. We have a minimum wage and have gained 2 million new jobs. He was a disaster as Home Secretary and it was them who sold off hospital cleaners and took the control away from matrons. How soon we forget. I certainly don't and that's why the fewer Tory MPs we have tomorrow the better.
Barry, Woodbridge, Suffolk

The Tories will deliver all right. They've shown that. They had their chance. What did that produce? Mass unemployment, interest and mortgage rates at 15%, factory closures equivalent to the closure of Longbridge every week, prescription charges rising from 25p to over 5, selling public utilities, pit closures, despair, rioting etc. It was nice of them to personally address a letter to you.
David Talbert, Harpenden, Herts.

A three word reason to vote Tory. "Prime Minister Brown"
John Mathus, Surrey, England

It seems a bit odd to decide to vote for a party because they have your name and address on a database and know how to use mail merge software.
Chrisitine, Middlesbrough Cleveland

They got to you too eh?
Rory, Felixstowe, Suffolk

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