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Last Updated: Thursday, 28 April 2005, 13:18 GMT 14:18 UK
UK voters' panel: David Mayer

David Mayer
Name: David Mayer
Age: 45
Lives: Emsworth, Hampshire
Works: Financial services
Current voting intention: Undecided
In 10 words or less:
"Husband and father of six, fearful of our economic future."

So far in this election most of the subjects I care about have been discussed, some more adequately than others.

On the economy there has been much talk but little positive campaigning, just rubbishing of the opposition's proposals.

The Liberal Democrats' proposals are interesting but I think impractical.

The issue of pensions has been almost ignored despite it being an area of real concern, as so many people are likely to be left on inadequate incomes in retirement.

The Conservative offer of additional funds for pension savings is good as far as it goes but will probably not affect the poorest sections of society.

Another issue of concern for me is university fees, and the Liberal Democrats' position on this is a real positive.

Special education has been completely ignored in general debate, but for parents this is very important.


I have a child in special education and I know that including all children in mainstream education is not right and can harm many. A full discussion is needed on this subject.

NHS funding has not really been mentioned.

Overall I am underwhelmed at the level of petty squabbling we have seen so far.

I think the Lib Dem campaign has been the most positive although as I say I am not sure of their taxation policies.

I still think that the best way to remove voter apathy is to move to some form of proportional representation so that everyone's vote can actually count.

Your comments:

NHS funding has been mentioned. Blair has pledged to continue with substantial planned new investment if he is re-elected. I have worked in the NHS for 25 years and have seen governments come and go. I remain convinced that the NHS is only safe with Labour as I have experienced first-hand, attempts by the Tories to gradually privatise and sell-off parts of the service.
Liz, Worthing, West Sussex

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