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Last Updated: Monday, 5 December 2005, 10:00 GMT
Young UK Muslims: Arfan
I come from a multicultural society but the 9/11 attacks damaged us severely.

Name: Arfan
Age: 23
Lives: Bradford
Works: Analyst

I feel discrimination. You know what other people think of you. It's like bullying, all these negative attitudes we get.

I am not extreme - I am educated and have done a degree. But since 9/11 I have begun to realise who I really am.

If I see myself as British I would not see myself as discriminated against. But once I see myself as Muslim, I can see the pain.

People used to respect us here in Bradford. Now, they think, "he goes to a mosque, I don't trust him."

I understand those who take it to the extreme. If you came to a typical street in Bradford, you would be amazed at the hatred many people feel now.

Maybe there is a war against Muslims here, with the incidents and arrests going on nowadays.

There is a way out, and that is when Muslims leave this country and take their money with them so the economy goes down.

That is when the government will wake up and realise: "We pushed them out."

We helped make this country - we came over as labour and we worked hard.

I'm from Bradford, I remember the riots, when the [far right group] National Front came we stood up for ourselves.

People came from the outside to cause trouble in Asian areas - but the media never reported that.

When I went to university I woke up. People had an attitude about us. They thought we were gangsters.

I had a lot of white friends, but after the riots most of them did not want to know. They felt all Asians caused trouble.

In a special week of features about Islam in Britain and Europe, the BBC News website is focusing on voices who have something to say - but may not always get heard.

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