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Last Updated: Monday, 5 December 2005, 09:13 GMT
Young UK Muslims: Amran Majid
I don't feel that any of the organisations I know represent me, for several reasons.

Amran Majid
Name: Amran Majid
Age: 28
Lives: Birmingham
Works: IT manager

Firstly, they are all low key, they do not say "we're making a stand".

It's also difficult to see how something like the Muslim Council of Britain represents me. The spokespeople are older and not in touch with the issues we face.

They project an older generation which, at the time, was new to the UK.

We have a different view. My parents are Pakistani but I was born and brought up here.

I was brought up on Spiderman and the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles. I have a different education and different interests to my parents.

They represent an old way of life.

In a way it is our fault, we should stand up more.

The people I see in the media who supposedly represent us younger people are not particularly eloquent or do not come from a professional background.

This suggests we are all ill-educated or extremist. But it is the way the media grabs people's attention.

It would be nice to see more informative programming on what Muslims do and how they live their lives.

When was the last time Muslims were shown in a positive light on the BBC or another channel?

There is also, I think, a general defensiveness from Muslims who feel anything they say will be taken out of context. They are scared of holding an opinion.

We need to take ownership of issues and deal with this problem. We need to see more positive things about ourselves.

Young Muslims feel disenfranchised, but as more and more get a better education they can integrate and be valued.

In a special week of features about Islam in Britain and Europe, the BBC News website is focusing on voices who have something to say - but may not always get heard.

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