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Last Updated: Saturday, 9 April, 2005, 06:20 GMT 07:20 UK
Royal wedding fever grips press
Best of luck, the Daily Mail tells Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles on the day of their wedding.

As the paper says, 34 years after their romance began, the prince will take the woman he always loved as his wife.

Wedding fever also grips the Daily Express on its front page, which focuses on princes William and Harry.

They face a day of high emotion as the woman blamed for wrecking their parents' marriage finally joins the Royal Family, it says.

Pope's funeral

Farewell to the "People's Pope", says the Sun, saying John Paul II will inevitably be made a saint.

In scenes which have not been seen in Rome since the Caesars, the Pope was carried to his grave on a tide of love, says the paper.

The Times compares the thousands who stood in St Peter's Square to pay their solemn respects to a football crowd.

And, says the Guardian, not since the Middle Ages has a pontiff been given such a rumbustious send off.

Rover's funeral

"Poor Rover" writes Matthew Parris in the Times - a 100 years of service and no crowds at your funeral.

How small a splash its collapse made amid headlines of the Pope's funeral and the royal wedding, he continues.

"Don't mourn Rover," says the Daily Telegraph, as the Financial Times calls it a tale of gullibility and greed.

It criticises the four men in the consortium which took over the business when BMW pulled out, calling it capitalism "at its ugliest".

Rover fallout

The impact a Rover closure would have on the general election is also chewed over in the press.

The political fallout would be felt across the West Midlands - which includes many marginal Labour constituencies, says the Guardian.

Labour MPs in the area fear the impact it will have on their electoral prospects, says the Daily Telegraph.

The Times says it will be a severe embarrassment for the party in the middle of a general election campaign.

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