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Friday, January 2, 1998 Published at 23:18 GMT


Showbiz couple split
image: [ Marriage breakdown: the high price of success? ]
Marriage breakdown: the high price of success?

Celebrity couple Anthea Turner and Peter Powell are to separate after eight years of marriage.

Their solicitor and close friend Mark Stephens made a statement on their behalf saying that the couple were nonetheless still on good terms. He confirmed reports that Anthea was seeing another man, Grant Bovey.

Ms Turner said of her relationship with Powell and its breakdown: "We began as lovers and, somewhere along the way, work became our abiding passion. The breakdown of a warm and loving marriage is too high a price to pay for apparent success."

Mr Powell said : "I have always loved Anthea and I will continue to do so. She will always have my support. I am deeply saddened at what has occurred; but I want Anthea to have a happy and fulfilling life and in these circumstances, unhappily but understandably, I have to recognise that I must let her go."

Mr Powell was a successful Radio One DJ when the couple met by chance at the BBC, as Anthea was on her way to meet her then partner Bruno Brookes, one of his best friends.

Mr Powell soon gave up radio to take up a new and successful career as a show-business manager and agent.

Anthea started out in local radio in her early twenties but broke into television at 28 to become a popular presenter on the long-running Children's BBC programme Blue Peter. Her girl-next-door appeal helped her to carve a place for herself in the hearts of the British public.

She became a presenter on breakfast television before becoming the host of the BBC's National Lottery programme and established as one the country's highest-paid television personalities.

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