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Last Updated: Thursday, 25 August 2005, 14:04 GMT 15:04 UK
Timeline: Tube shooting
The events surrounding the shooting by police of Jean Charles de Menezes at Stockwell Tube station and the subsequent inquiry into his death.


An inquiry into the leak of IPCC findings about the death of Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes is demanded by both the Metropolitan Police Federation and the Police Federation.

The IPCC rejected a separate complaint by a Metropolitan Police officer about its handling of the investigation.


The Brazilian delegation examining the shooting of Mr Menezes meet Southwark coroner John Sampson, who will hold the inquest into the Brazilian's death.

The meeting ends their four-day mission to London.


The Independent Police Complaints Commission briefs Brazilian officials examining Mr Menezes' death.

It says it is "confident" it has all the CCTV footage available on the shooting.

London Mayor Ken Livingstone describes Metropolitan Police Chief Sir Ian Blair as "the best news that London police has got".

He says disgruntled officers have tried to use the shooting to attack Sir Ian.


Jean Charles de Menezes
Jean Charles de Menezes was shot eight times

Lawyers for the Independent Police Complaints Commission say it will complete its probe into the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes by Christmas.

An inquest into the 27-year-old's death is adjourned until 23 February.


Scotland Yard says it briefed relatives of Jean Charles de Menezes on 24 July - two days after he was shot.

Alessandro Pereira
Relatives of Jean Charles de Menezes deliver a letter to No 10

It says his cousins were told that, contrary to reports, he did not run into Stockwell Tube station, that he used a ticket to get through the barrier and was not wearing a padded jacket or carrying a bag.

Members of Mr Menezes' family, supported by up to 200 protesters, take a letter to 10 Downing Street demanding a public inquiry.

His mother tells BBC News the policemen responsible must be punished.

And two senior Brazilian officials visit Scotland Yard to discuss the investigation into the shooting.


Metropolitan Police chief Sir Ian Blair has the prime minister's full backing, despite calls from Jean Charles de Menezes' family for him to resign, Downing Street says.

Sir Ian tells the News of the World it was 24 hours before he learned the Brazilian was wrongly shot dead.

Scotland Yard confirms that an offer of 15,000 was made to the family, in addition to any funeral costs or travel expenses.


Misleading reports about the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes should have been clarified as an "immediate priority" says Jenny Jones, a member of the independent Metropolitan Police Authority.

Following reports that $1m (560,000) had been offered to his family, Scotland Yard says no offers of compensation have been made.


The resignation of Met Police chief Sir Ian Blair is demanded by relatives of Jean Charles de Menezes, who accuse him of lying.

Sir Ian rejects the claims and said some of the disputed statements were never provided by his force.


Scotland Yard "initially resisted" the investigation into the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes, the Independent Police Complaints Commission says.

The IPCC says the inquiry was not handed over for five days, prompting family lawyers to say vital evidence could have been lost.

Sources say a member of the IPCC secretarial staff has been suspended during an investigation into the source of papers leaked to ITV News.

The BBC learns the shooting was not captured on Stockwell Tube's CCTV because disks had been removed to aid the police investigation into suspects in the failed 21 July attacks.


Leaked documents contradict previous accounts of the killing of Jean Charles de Menezes.

Appearing to be from the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) inquiry into the shooting and leaked to ITV News, they suggest the Brazilian was restrained before being shot eight times.

Jean Charles de Menezes lying dead
ITV images show Mr de Menezes lying dead in a Tube train

They contradict eyewitness reports suggesting Mr Menezes jumped a barrier at Stockwell Tube station and was wearing a padded jacket that could have concealed a bomb.

They suggest he was wearing a denim jacket and walked into the station, picked up a free newspaper and walked through ticket barriers. It is suggested he only started to run when he saw a train arriving and was sitting down when he was shot.

A public inquiry into his death must be held, members of his family demand.

They say those responsible for his shooting should be jailed for life and their lawyer calls for Met Police chief Sir Ian Blair to resign.


Tony Blair is reported to have called the President of Brazil to express his regret at the mistaken killing of Jean Charles de Menezes.

The office of President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva says Mr Blair gave assurances that there would be an independent inquiry.

Metropolitan Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner John Yates travels to the town of Gonzaga with Britain's ambassador to Brazil to meet the parents of the 27-year-old.


Friends and relatives of Jean Charles de Menezes attend a Requiem Mass at Westminster Cathedral, one week after he was shot dead.

The service was held to coincide with Mr Menezes' funeral in his home town of Gonzaga, Brazil.

Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) investigators visit Stockwell to appeal for witnesses.


Jean Charles de Menezes' body is flown home to south-eastern Brazil.

The Home Office announces his visa expired two years ago, a move criticised by the Independent Police Complaints Commission, which says: "It's entirely irrelevant information."


Four cousins of Jean Charles de Menezes demand an end to the police "shoot-to-kill" policy.

Stockwell Tube station after the shooting
Jean Charles de Menezes was followed to Stockwell Tube

One of them says she has been told by officers that her relative was wearing a denim jacket at the time of the shooting and had used his travel card to get through the station.

The investigation into the shooting is handed to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

It emerges that a police officer involved in the shooting has been given a holiday paid for by Scotland Yard.

Police say they have dealt with 250 suicide bomb scares since the 7 July attacks in London.


Protests are staged in Jean Charles de Menezes' home town of Gonzaga, Brazil, in anger at his shooting. They demand arrests are made.


Scotland Yard Commissioner Sir Ian Blair says there will be no change to the police's "shoot-to-kill" policy.

Prime Minister Tony Blair says he is "desperately sorry" about the death of an innocent person.

An inquest in London hears Mr Menezes was shot eight times - seven times in the head and once in the shoulder.


Met Police chief Sir Ian Blair apologises to the family of Jean Charles de Menezes, but says more people could be shot as police hunt suspected suicide bombers.


Scotland Yard says the man shot dead by police was not connected to the attempted terror attacks on the capital and expresses its regret.

It is announced that the death is being investigated by officers from the Metropolitan Police Directorate of Professional Standards and will be referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

At 2130 BST the identity of the victim is confirmed as 27-year-old Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes.


Police shoot dead a man dead at Stockwell Tube station in south London. They say he was challenged and refused to obey an order.

Met Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair said the shooting was "directly linked" to the ongoing London bombs inquiry.

Police say it is not yet clear if the man was one of four suspects involved in the failed 21 July attacks.

They say he was under observation because he had emerged from a house that was being watched.

He was followed by surveillance officers to Stockwell station, where his clothing and behaviour added to their suspicions, police say.

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