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Last Updated: Tuesday, 11 January 2005, 10:55 GMT
One family's mobile experience
Camera phone and the London Eye
The phone-in followed new health fears surrounding mobile phones

Children should use mobile phones only when necessary due to potential health risks, a leading radiology expert has said.

The mobile-phone experiences of Hinesh Mistry,12, and his father, Jitesh, were recounted on BBC Radio Five Live.


I use my phone to call my friends, my Dad and my cousins.

And I call my friends to see if I can go round their house or play and see if they want to go out.

Jitesh Mistry

I decided to give my son a mobile phone last year.

All his friends had a mobile phone and he was asking for one. When I upgraded my phone, I gave him my old one.

The reason we gave it was because of safety.

He's going to a secondary school and he has to go to school on his own, so if there was a need for him to call us at any time, then the phone would be there available for him.

We know how much he is using it because it is a pay-as-you-go. We give him so much credit so we know how much is left.

If there was a definite risk we would stop him using it and make him use the home landline phone
Jitesh Mistry

Initially he spent 20 in a two-week period. After that we made him realise it cost 30 to 40p to call his friends and since then he's been quite prudent and the 10 has lasted around three months.

Both my wife and myself are aware of this report.

I think something came out about a year or two ago, so we've actually told him not to use the phone for calling - only use it mainly for texting - and he's also got games on his phone as well, so he could use it for that.

But we wouldn't let him use it for half an hour or anything like - definitely not.

If there was a definite risk we would stop him using it and make him use the home landline phone.

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