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Saturday, December 13, 1997 Published at 07:38 GMT


'I thought I was at the darkest point in my life - now this'
image: [ Paula Yates at the funeral of her fiance Michael Hutchence ]
Paula Yates at the funeral of her fiance Michael Hutchence

DNA tests have confirmed that Paula Yates is not, as she has always assumed, the daughter of the Stars on Sunday presenter Jess Yates.

Paula, recently hit by the death of her lover Michael Hutchence, is coming to terms with the shock that her father is the late Hughie Green, who created and presented the television talent show Opportunity Knocks.

The tests were taken after Noel Botham, a friend of Green's, named her as the star's daughter following his death from cancer.

Analysts matched her blood sample with those of two known children of the late star, Christopher Green and Linda Plentl.

The Sun reported that Paula Yates was told the results tests by her solicitor and is still being comforted 24 hours a day by friends at her west London home.

Paula Yates told the Sun: "I'm horrified. I thought I was at the darkest point in my life - now this."

Ms Yates and her mother, Heller Thornton-Bosment, had both fiercely denied the claim.

Mrs Thornton-Bosment, who lives with her second husband in the south of France, said in a statement: "It is a well-known fact that Paula was conceived a month after my marriage to Jess."

She insisted the claim was "offensive" to her family, and Ms Yates, a former Big Breakfast presenter, dismissed it as "disgusting."

[ image: Hugie Green: DNA tests prove he was Paula's father]
Hugie Green: DNA tests prove he was Paula's father
Hughie Green, who died aged 77, told Noel Botham 20 years ago he was Paula's father but had not told his daughter.

His son, Christopher, 50, who travelled to England from his home in Canada to receive the results, said: "We had really hoped there was no truth in what was said at the funeral. This is not the result we wanted or expected.

"We can't walk away from Paula Yates. She's got feelings. She is a human being. It is said that the son shall pay for the sins of the father. My father let us down by never telling us about this while he was alive. Now we shall all suffer."

Green, who also starred in ITV's Double Your Money, was married to his wife of 20 years, Claire, when Paula, 37, was conceived. They later separated.

Linda Plentl, Hughie Green's daughter, reacted with anger towards her father, describing him as a "monster" and said that there were more half-brothers and half-sisters she did not know about.

"My father has damaged so many people so viciously. He has hurt us all from the grave. He has humiliated us," she said.

She said she would "extend the hand of friendship" to Paula, but added: "The saddest thing is that Paula loved Jess Yates. If I were Paula I'd cling to him as a father and just never, ever think about Hughie Green."

Ms Plentl described Paula's mother as "absolutely despicable" for allowing her daughter to go through the pain of a DNA test.

Jess Yates died of a stroke at the age of 74 in 1993. He was dubbed `the Bishop' as presenter of the Stars on Sunday religious programme.

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