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Last Updated: Sunday, 30 May, 2004, 01:45 GMT 02:45 UK
PM wants Islam 'hearts and minds'

The Sunday Times says it has seen leaked Whitehall documents which "tackle the growing threat of Muslim extremism".

Tony Blair wants to "win the hearts and minds of young Muslims amid fears that Britain may be harbouring as many as 10,000 al-Qaeda sympathisers".

The newspaper says "radical" foreign imams will be checked on and moderate leaders will be enlisted and funded.

The News of the World says that "in the face of terrorism fears", the cost of protecting MPs will cost 1bn a year.

Trouble with Harry

The Independent on Sunday ponders Prince William's future after he hinted he would join the armed forces.

The newspaper asks whether the heir could also make it as an auctioneer, farmer, model or even a protestor.

Meanwhile, Britain's future monarch and potential prime minister have forged an alliance, according to the Sunday Times.

Amid continuing speculation over Tony Blair's prospects, Prince Charles and Gordon Brown met to discuss policy issues, says the broadsheet.

Flashy women

According to two tabloids the government is still in a spin.

The Mail on Sunday has reported that during Prime Minister's Question Time on Wednesday, a 79-year-old deaf MP was told to make way for a Blair babe.

It is claimed that Piara Khabra, who sits behind Tony Blair, was "ejected" to give his seat to "women in flashy clothes" for a "TV-friendly backdrop".

The Sunday Mirror says ex-media chief Alastair Campbell has been told to stop "interfering" in Number 10's affairs.

Sven's plan

The England manager Sven-Goran Eriksson is reported to have told his squad that he will not be keeping them locked up during Euro 2004, unlike other teams.

According to the Observer his "radical plan to keep his players away from temptation is: treat them like adults".

Whereas Germany have an alcohol ban, England's stars will be allowed to spend whole afternoons with their partners and share a glass of wine.

It will be the most relaxed regime the team has had, says the newspaper.

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