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Last Updated: Monday, 17 May, 2004, 14:59 GMT 15:59 UK
Timeline: Major Heathrow raids
Police at Heathrow
Police arrested six men at Heathrow on Monday
As police report thwarting a 40m gold bullion and cash raid at Heathrow, BBC News Online charts the other high-profile raids in and around the airport.

6 February 2004: 1.75m is taken from Menzies Cargo warehouse at Heathrow.

Seven men are later charged in connection with the incident.

5 February 2004: 1m worth of digital cameras stolen from a warehouse near Heathrow.

A gang is believed to have broken into the building and loaded up boxes of Olympus cameras using a forklift truck.

19 March 2002: $3.2m and other currency stolen after two men hijack a security van.

They struck as cash from a South African Airlines flight was being transferred to a security vehicle in Terminal 1.

The van driver told police he was forced to drive out of the airport with a knife at his throat and the robbers then transferred the cash boxes to another van.

Police outside the Brinks Mat security warehouse in 1983
26m of gold bullion went in the 1983 Brinks Mat raid
Scotland Yard detectives later recover 1m in cash.

11 February 2002: Two men got away with 4.6m worth of foreign currency in a raid on a British Airways security van at Terminal 4.

At least two men held up a van in a supposedly secure area near Terminal Four and then escaped in another vehicle which bore the livery of British Airways.

The money had arrived at Heathrow from Bahrain and was ultimately bound for New York's JFK Airport.

It took place in an "airside" area - the supposedly super-secure zone of an airport which separates the aircraft from public areas.

10 February 2002: 4m worth of mobile phones stolen from a Frans Maas warehouse outside Heathrow.

A gang bypassed hi-tech security at the warehouse, loaded up a van and drove off with 23,000 state-of-the-art Samsung mobile phones.

The phone firm put up a 200,000 reward and after a massive media appeal by police, detectives received a tip-off two days after the raid

The gang's ring-leader Gorbakhash Chopra, 35, was later jailed for nine years.

26 November 1983: Six armed robbers posing as security guards escape with 6,800 gold ingots weighing three tons high from the Brinks Mat bullion warehouse at Heathrow.

The Brinks Mat robbers doused a security guard with petrol and threatened to set light to him if he did not open the vault.

Most of the missing gold has never been found, although two of the robbers, Michael McAvoy and Brian Robinson, were jailed for 25 years.


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