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Last Updated: Tuesday, 11 November, 2003, 12:39 GMT
Burger ad complaints dismissed
Inside a Burger King restaurant
More than 80 people complained about the advert
The Independent Television Commission has rejected more than 80 complaints about an advert for the fast food company Burger King.

The advert showed a woman waking up with bite marks on her back, apparently inflicted by her hungry partner.

The ITC received 83 complaints, including one from a police officer and one from a woman who said she had been the victim of just such an assault.

It concluded that it did not believe the advert condoned domestic violence.

'Big bite'

The advert is for Burger King's Pepper Jack Stack burger.

A woman is shown waking up next to her partner and telling him in a puzzled voice: 'I think I've been bitten.'

The camera then reveals that her back is covered in what appear to be human bite marks.

Her partner looks guilty and the voiceover says: 'Got the urge for a big bite? Try the new Burger King Pepper Jack Stack.'

A shorter version shows the partner looking guiltily at the woman's back, but closes with the same ending.

The police officer who complained to the ITC pointed out that biting is a common feature of domestic violence.

The 'urge'

However, the ITC said the advert bore no relation to domestic abuse.

'The ITC sympathised with viewers who had personal experience of domestic violence, but did not agree that the advertisement depicted a violent relationship,' it said in a report.

'The couple were shown waking up, suggesting that the man had bitten the woman unconsciously, in his sleep.

'The voiceover explained the motive behind his actions: he was hungry and had the "urge" for a burger.'

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