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Last Updated: Wednesday, 18 June, 2003, 11:08 GMT 12:08 UK
Quiz: The Beckham IQ test
Impressionists, stand-up comedians, and rival fans take the mickey out of David Beckham. There's even a David Beckham Joke Book being published later this year. But say what you like about him - he could answer all of these questions. Can you do the same?


Beckham is a man of many hairstyles. But only one of the above is actually his. Which one?
ON the subject of the Mohican, David wrote: "Most people found the haircut quite funny and I loved it when I heard there was an 88-year-old woman who had decided to have one as well. My team-mates certainly had a good joke about it... I was nicknamed __________ for a while." Fill in the gap.
A: Winston Churchill
B: Taxi Driver
C: BA Baracas
D: Daniel Day-Lewis
When a seven-year-old, Beckham told schoolfriends that one day he would....
A: Play for Manchester United
B: Go out with a pop star
C: Have a mis-spelled Hindi tattoo on his arm
Who is older, David or Victoria?
A: David
B: Victoria
Author Andrew Morton - the biographer of Posh and Becks and Princess Diana - has described Beckham as a role model. For whom?
A: Fellow footballers - "Nobody would have to scour the nightclubs, discos and bars to make sure he was behaving like a proper athlete"
B: Stylish men - he "represents a new masculine ideal combining strength and athleticism with elegance"
C: Fathers, who need no longer be "afraid to express their love and devotion and affection for their sons"
David's had a number of goes at writing his autobiography. 1998's version was called David Beckham: My story. 2000's version was called David Beckham: My world. What is the as-yet unpublished 2003 version going to be called?
A: David Beckham: My own work
B: David Beckham: My side
C: David Beckham: My Real (Madrid) story
According to Google, only photographs of two males were more searched-for than Beckham in 2002. Who were they?
A: Harry Potter and Ronaldo
B: Ozzy Osbourne and Spongebob
C: Eminem and Brad Pitt
"We have enjoyed the last couple of days," said Beckham in 2001. What was he talking about?
A: Beating Germany 5-1 in the World Cup qualifier
B: Winning the BBC's Sports Personality of the Year
C: Geri Halliwell topping a poll for being most publicity hungry personality of the year
David once said he wanted Brooklyn to be christened, but added:
A: "...I don't know into what religion yet"
B: "...I don't know whether to go for Hello! or OK!"
C: "...I don't know whether to ask Mr Eriksson or Mr Ferguson to be godfather"
Posh and Becks want their boys to grow up normally. What features does Beckingham Palace have to ensure that happens?
A: 20,000 of fibre-optic lights, recreating the night sky in Brooklyn's bedroom
B: A Disney-style frieze with David and Victoria as Prince Charming and Cinderella
C: Ex-SAS bodyguards, a 7ft perimeter fence and CCTV
D: All of the above


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