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Last Updated: Friday, 6 June, 2003, 13:27 GMT 14:27 UK
Quiz of the week's news

It's the end of the week, so it's time for BBC News Online's weekly news quiz.

This quiz is here every week - or you can reach it by bookmarking the address

Craig Charles, Arthur Askey, Sir Paul McCartney and Cherie Blair all featured on an updated version of the Sgt Pepper’s album cover to promote Liverpool’s bid to be European City of Culture. Which of the following are NOT pictured?
A: Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung
B: British Olympic Gold Medallist Jonathan Edwards
C: American poet Allen Ginsberg
D: Canadian comedian Mike Myers
E: American Oscar winner Halle Berry
Who expected to have a tattoo saying "angel", but got more than they bargained for?
A: Pop star Robbie Williams – whose hits include Angels – but now sports a pair of tattooed swallows on his stomach
B: Jane Ribchester, who went to a tattooist who admitted to being dyslexic and left with the word "angle" inked on her back
C: The Iraqi boy who watched a football match between locals and British troops and left the event with a swastika and swear word written on his arm
This week sees the anniversary of Secretary of State for War, John Profumo resigning over a sex scandal, the Queen’s Coronation, the publishing of the Oxford English Dictionary and the opening of the first drive-in cinema. Put them in order, starting with the earliest event.
A: Drive-in, OED, Coronation, Profumo
B: Coronation, Drive-in, Profumo, OED
C: OED, Drive-in, Coronation, Profumo
Who admitted to being "truly discomknockerated"?
A: President George Bush, asked if he was pleased by progress made by the Israelis and Palestinians at the Aqaba summit
B: Liverpudlian comedian Ken Dodd, welcoming news that his native city will be Europe's City of Culture 2008
C: Glamour model Jordan, who is reportedly unhappy with her 32FF chest and is planning a fourth enhancement operation
"I veered to the left instead of the right." Whose explanation was this?
A: Stephan Weidner, bassist with German band Boehse Onkelz, which may be dropped as the Rolling Stones' support act because of past far-Right fanbase
B: Barry Manilow, who broke his famous nose hitting a wall as he got out of bed
C: Jenny Owen, who won £8,000 compensation after she was thrown from her faulty stairlift
What is being examined for containing unacceptable levels of donkey?
A: Idaho Gem, the world’s first cloned mule (the sterile offspring of a horse and a donkey)
B: Salami, chorizo and pastrami imported into the UK
C: A new “Dog” flavour ice cream from Newcastle
What will burp to win credibility with young people?
A: MPs - the Hansard Society says parliamentarians must show voters they are as "accessible and humane" as Big Brother contestants
B: The Beagle 2 lander will precede its first transmission from the surface of Mars with an interplanetary burp
C: Action Man - the speaking version of the toy will have a belch option

And here is the Seven Days, Seven Questions bonus question. (Entries are now closed.)

The rules are simple. We give you the answer, you write the question. Marks are deducted for predictability.

The bonus answer is: "Raw carrots dipped in Marmite and ice cream."

Send your suggested questions using the form below.

Wrong questions included:

What new ice-cream flavour will soon be on sale to combat the hangover effects of Newcastle Brown Ale ice-cream?
Louise, UK

What was released onto the UK market this week, hoping to exploit the niche market in edible conductors batons?
Al Wilson, UK

Apart from the solar system, what else is light and dark, can be freezing cold and has a bright orange object in the centre?
Paul Bleasdale, England

What isn't better than a poke in the eye?
Simon, UK

What announcement this week proves that Ben & Jerry's have finally lost it?
Si Griffin, UK

What do you attach to a stick in order to encourage a pregnant donkey to move?
Mark, UK

What recipe is guaranteed to change your child's mind after declaring they are now vegetarian?
Martin M, UK

"So Jilly, the screw-topped Chablis. What do you think?"
Kieran Boyle, England

What does every male student dread to hear his girlfriend requesting for breakfast?
Tom, UK

After National gossip week, National balloon week, National Feast your eyes week, and a host of other worthwile 'awareness weeks', people have complained that things are going too far - I totally refute that, what does next week raise awareness about again?
Huw, Cambridge

What horrific details of her captivity in Iraq has Private Jessica Lynch finally remembered?
Mike, UK

All wrong. The correct question, obviously, was what were Jade Goody's cravings while pregnant with her new baby Bobby.

Seven Days, Seven Questions will return again next. Many people can hardly wait.


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