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Last Updated:  Friday, 28 March, 2003, 16:08 GMT
Quiz of the week's news

It's the end of the week, so it's time for BBC News Online's weekly news quiz.

This quiz is here every week - or you can reach it by bookmarking the address

Each of the animals pictured above is with the coalition forces in the Gulf. But which is tasked with tracking down enemy operatives?
A: K-Dog the dolphin
B: Zac the sea lion
C: Rebel the dog
D: Harry the pigeon
"These are the most marginalised group of workers in the UK with little or no rights." Who?
A: Freelance stagehands who walked out during the filming of the new Harry Potter movie
B: Part-time women, who on average earn 41% less than full-time men according to a new survey
C: Sex workers, according to Karen Constantine of GMB, which has invited them to join its union
Political runners-up Neil Kinnock and Al Gore both celebrate birthdays this coming week, as does former PM John Major. Put them in age order, oldest first.
A: Kinnock, Major, Gore
B: Major, Kinnock, Gore
C: Kinnock, Gore, Major
"The panel was concerned about the apparent prolonged distress of the child." Who said it, about what?
A: Prosecutors of a US couple who put their premature child on a strict vegetarian, non -dairy diet
B: A broadcasting watchdog in response to complaints about a nappy-changing competition on ITV's This Morning
C: Italian researchers who found babies born to mothers who use cannabis can suffer lasting mental defects
Who is said to have had "cough variant asthma"?
A: Hong Kong health chief Dr William Ho, who was admitted to hospital amid "mystery bug" fears
B: Lecturer Tecwen Whittock, accused of cheating on the quiz show Who Wants to be a Millionaire
C: TV magician Paul Daniels, who collapsed as he prepared to take the stage on Tuesday
What took 20 seconds to hit the ground and created a 4ft wide crater and a 20ft cloud of dust?
A: A giant ball made out of six million rubber bands, which was dropped out of a plane to see if it would bounce
B: Just one batch of the millions of leaflets dropped on Iraq by the Coalition Forces
C: A Muscovite's "decorative" pumpkin which grew to 40lbs before falling from his balcony
Several stars made pleas for peace at the Academy Awards this week. But which Oscar winner has a friend serving in Kuwait?
A: Michael "Bowling for Columbine" Moore
B: Nicole "The Hours" Kidman
C: Adrian "The Pianist" Brody

And here is the Seven Days, Seven Questions bonus question. (Entries this week are now closed.)

The rules are simple. We give you the answer, you write the question. Marks are deducted for predictability.

The bonus answer is: "Great, have a good evening, have a good morning."

Wrong questions included:

When departing, how would a polite dinner guest subtly remind you the clocks had gone forwards?
Michael Hall, UK

How did Virgin trains announce another day service becoming a sleeper?
Ross Hunter, UK

What Oscars acceptance speech did the organisers hope that Michael Moore was going to make?
Richard Baker, UK

Hey Truman, did you know I'm sleeping with your wife?
Owain, UK

What is Tony the Tiger's new slogan to try to double the sales of Frosties?
Kieran, England

What's the advertising slogan for new Paracetemol flavoured Alco-pop?
Mark Mullaly, Birmingham, UK

When departing, how would a polite dinner party host subtly suggest that you should have gone home at least an hour ago?
Jason Smithwick, UK

How did a simple spelling mistake ruin the English Cheese Council's recent advertising campaign.
Nigel, England

What are the side effects of overdosing on Viagra?
Sue Taylor, UK

What is the new motto of the sex workers wing of the GMB?
Graham Taylor, Scotland

All wrong. The correct question, as identified by David Comyns, was "What did Colonel Chris Vernon, British Army spokesman in the Gulf, say that Basra's senior Baath party official was thinking just before he was bombed?"

Thanks to everyone who entered. Seven Days, Seven Questions will return next week.


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