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Tuesday, 4 February, 2003, 13:23 GMT
Celebrity diets: One month on
Celeb diets
A fortnight ago BBC News Online staff came off the celeb diets they'd trialled for two weeks. Have they put weight back on, or gained a few healthy habits?
Each New Year, Britons flock to shape up and slim down after the festive season blow-out.

Inspired by the celebrities who flaunt their chosen diets, we found five colleagues prepared to jump on the bandwagon. For two weeks they followed the lead of Brad, Kylie et al, and came off their regimes a fortnight ago. Who has since returned to their old habits?

Pete Clifton

Which diet Diet: Glycemic Index (or Montignac)
Celebrity Star endorsement: Kylie Minogue
Weight lost Weight change since ending diet: lost one pound (0.5 kg)
Difficulty rating Rating from 1 (easy) to 5 (hard): THREE (FIVE at weekends)

"Still no pints of bitter"
I stopped following every detail of the diet plan a fortnight ago, so I'm feeling suitably cocky about keeping all the weight off - and actually losing an extra pound.

I'm still having porridge or something equally stodgy and inedible for breakfast, then lots of fruit, salad and lean meat during the day. I'm still on skimmed milk, black coffee with no sugar and a complete ban on raiding the kids' sweet supply. And, most remarkably, still no pints of bitter.

I've found there can be at least one spectacular failure a week, as long as I return to the rules the next day. So in the past fortnight I've pushed at the boundaries of consumption at a family reunion, and survived a head-on clash with my Mum's stew and dumplings.

Katie Hamilton
Which diet Detox
Celebrity Carol Vorderman
Weight lost no weight change
Difficulty rating TWO

"My glow has vanished"
I was going to try and be more sensible after my two-week detox, but sadly comfort eating has taken hold.

A huge project at work had me working all hours, so time for preparing healthy food was out and convenience nosh was in. Naughty food always tastes so much nicer when you've not had it for a while.

By some miracle I've not gained any weight, but the glowing skin, sparkly eyes and boundless energy have all vanished.

I've decided diets are destructive. I want some balance in my life, and lurching from healthy to unhealthy isn't ideal.

If I had a personal chef like most of these celebs, then maybe I'd stand a better chance. I loved the challenge of the detox - and I loved the results even more - but as with all these diets, it wasn't realistic for everyday life.

Peter Sharples
Which diet Blood type
Celebrity Martine McCutcheon
Weight lost lost four more pounds (1.8 kg)
Difficulty rating TWO

"I packed prunes"
I've slipped a little due to being laid low with the flu - all I wanted was proper comfort food like crisps and mash. And I'm now on holiday in the Czech Republic, where they've got all these delicious pastries and fantastic dumplings.... mmm.

Other than these temptations, it's been quite easy to stick to my diet here as Czech food is very meat-heavy - real hunter food, with lots of wild meat which is perfect for blood type A. I packed loads of prunes and healthy flapjacks to keep temptation to a minimum.

I still feel absolutely great, so I'm going to largely stay off wheat and dairy products - except butter and a little bit of chocolate.

Ania Lichtarowicz
Which diet Food combining
Celebrity Liz Hurley
Weight lost gained 2.3 pounds (1 kg)
Difficulty rating FIVE

"I've regained a kilo"
Why do things like birthdays always mess up my best intentions? As I turned 28 last week and my darling twin brothers reached the grand old age of 26, there were of course family celebrations.

Then we went away for the weekend. How do you diet when the only food source is a pub on a long, energetic - who I am trying to convince? - walk. I am so weak-willed it is unbelievable!

And if you think I've run out of excuses, think again. The Polish celebrate "feast days". Mine is St Anna's on 26 July - a long way off - but this Friday is St Richard's, a popular name, so I can see myself weakening again when we go out to celebrate yet again.

So the new running trainers I got for my birthday will need to be put to full use. Perhaps when it gets a bit warmer...

Cathy Grieve
Which diet Atkins
Celebrity Brad 'n' Jen
Weight lost Lost one stone (6.3 kg) overall
Difficulty rating FIVE

"I can eat toast again"
I'm sticking with this diet for now. It's much easier now I'm allowed to reintroduce a few more carbs after the initial nightmare.

I can even find things I want to eat for breakfast again, as I'm allowed a small piece of toast or a bagel each morning.

I do feel a lot better too, after my days and days of digestive problems and low energy. And it does help that I now know what I can and can't eat.

But I do find it hard when I'm away - I'm on a residential course at the moment and there's only sandwiches for lunch.

Add your comments, using the form below.

As a woman in her late 40s, I can assure you that my health has been dramatically improved by cutting right down on foods which keep my liver busy (yes, by detoxing). The doctor was muttering about a hysterectomy, no thank you, a change of lifestyle will suit me fine.
Tina, UK

I am on the Montignac plan at the moment and am inspired by Pete's success. I have lost 7lbs so far - 50% of my target - by stuffing my face with fruit, lean meat, dark chocolate, and the odd high fibre carb. Eating out hasn't been a problem, and the change in lifestyle will be sustainable. Faddy diets are difficult to stick to, so I have found the simplicity of Montignac - simply cutting out white carbs and being careful when you eat what - wonderful. By eating more fruit and veg my skin has improved and I feel much more energetic. I'm off for some sashimi...
Michelle, UK

I tried the Atkins diet, but gave up after 7 days. I lost 5lbs but the headaches were awful and I was so tired. I was in bed by 9pm most night. I am back on a low fat diet now (Weight Watchers) and am losing about 2lbs a week.
Melanie Williams, UK

I'm pleased Cathy has found benefits to her lo-carb diet. If Cathy's eating toast and bagels then she isn't adhering very strictly to Atkins, but one of the healthiest aspects of this diet is the importance of customising it in the long term to a level of carbohydrate at which you can lose or maintain weight and at which you feel healthy and happy.
Emma-Jane, UK

The Atkins diet - be carefull, it can cause you body to go into ketosis (only burning off fat). When in ketosis, your breath smells of acetone. There are many different views on ketosis, so I would suggest doing a good search on the web and talk to your doctor. Check out the NHS Direct site. Oliver Stieber, England

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Celeb diet table: Carol Vorderman, Kylie Minogue, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, Geri Halliwell, Cameron Diaz

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