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 Tuesday, 28 January, 2003, 16:34 GMT
The firefighters' strike by region
London East England East Midlands South East South West Wales West Midlands North West Yorkshire & Humberside North East Northern Ireland Scotland

Events listed on this map refer to the 48 hour strike beginning on Jan 28.

East England

Police are treating as suspicious the death of an elderly woman found by emergency Army fire crews tackling a house blaze in Northampton.

The woman's body was discovered at around 0900 GMT on Tuesday in a bungalow in Carlton Gardens in the Kingsley district of Northampton.

A police spokeswoman was unable to confirm whether the pensioner was believed to have died before the fire, or as a result of it.

In Norfolk, military crews are providing fire cover using six green goddess and two red goddess vehicles.

The county's 38 retained firefighters, not involved in the strike, are working normally.

The Fire Brigades Union says there is a 100 per cent turnout on picket lines.

East Midlands

In Leicestershire, regular firefighters who were tackling a large fire in a rubbish tip, handed over to the armed forces early on Tuesday.

The brigade were called to Toons Skip Hire in Ellistown near Coalville at 0600 GMT on Tuesday.

They used a digger to reach the source of the fire, deep in a pile of rubbish.

As soon as the national fire fighters strike began at 0900 GMT, the firefighters left the scene and handed over to military personnel in two green goddesses.

Late this afternoon the military crews were still damping down the fire.

In Lincolnshire, one person has been released by retained firefighters and taken to hospital following an accident on the B1191 at Martin Dale near Woodhall Spa.

Two vehicles collided at around 1130 GMT on Tuesday.

In Nottinghamshire, two green goddesses from Newark went to a road accident on the A46 at East Stoke on Tuesday morning.

Nottinghamshire police say two cars were involved. The road was closed in both directions for a time while wreckage and spilled fuel were removed.


No major incidents reported by Tuesday afternoon.

Northern Ireland

The Army and police are providing emergency cover after almost two thousand firefighters returned to picket lines.

Emergency fire cover is being provided by almost 600 troops using 32 yellow goddess vehicles, operating from army bases.

North East

No serious incidents reported by 1630 GMT on Tuesday.

North West

In Salford, Greater Manchester, green goddesses and their army crews fought a fire at a derelict house.


No major incidents reported in Scotland by early Tuesday afternoon.

South East

A supermarket in Surrey was evacuated while the army tackled a fire in the shop.

Two green goddesses were called to the Sainsbury's store in Brookwood at around 1540 GMT on Tuesday.

It is thought that the cause was a fire in the kitchen.

Essex: At Colchester in Essex, a green goddess and red goddess were called to a fire to skip fire at a carpet shop at the Tollgate Centre in Colchester.

The fire was estinguished within 30 minutes. Earlier, the crew of one green goddess extinguished a blazing pump at a landfill site in Ardleigh - near Colchester.

South West

By Tuesday afternoon there had been only one call out for the military crews providing fire cover in Devon.

Servicemen and women were called to an automated fire alarm at business premises in Langage near Plympton.

It turned out to be a false alarm.

Four hundred military personnel are on firefighting duties in Devon and Cornwall.


Striking fire crews in North Wales left their picket line just 20 minutes after their walkout began on Tuesday to help a man who had collapsed on scaffolding.

Six firefighters went to Shotton paper factory on Deeside to rescue the man who was stranded four storeys high on the scaffolding.

A separate crew from Wrexham also abandoned their picket to bring equipment to the scene. P>

West Midlands

In Hereford and Worcester on Tuesday, replacement emergency fire crews dealt with a lorry fire.

The incident happened on the A417 at Ullingswick near Bromyard - just after firefighters walked out at 0900 GMT.

The replacement crew from Bromyard dealt with the blaze.

Yorkshire and Humberside

In Bradford, the Fire Brigades Union is claiming that firefighters were told to come away from the scene of a major blaze just half an hour before they were due to go on strike - even though it wasn't under control.

Six pumps were called to the two storey building in Drummond Road which broke out just before 2000 GMT on Monday.

But the FBU says fire chiefs recalled the men due to go on strike at 0830 GMT on Tuesday - to allow the army to take over.

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