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 Tuesday, 14 January, 2003, 18:57 GMT
New Barrymore pool death inquiry
Michael Barrymore
Barrymore's lawyers submitted new evidence to police
Police are launching a fresh inquiry into the death of a partygoer at the home of television entertainer Michael Barrymore.

Essex Police announced the move on Monday, while the TV personality was speaking on BBC Radio Five Live.

Stuart Lubbock, 31, was found floating in the swimming pool at Mr Barrymore's luxury home in Roydon, near Harlow, Essex, in March 2001.

We want to prove the fact that the injuries could not have happened at the house.

Michael Barrymore
An open verdict was recorded at the inquest last September when pathologists said they could not be certain he had drowned.

Essex Police faxed the BBC as Mr Barrymore was telling radio listeners he had new evidence about Mr Lubbock's injuries.

The police statement said officers would investigate suggestions by Mr Barrymore's lawyer that the dead man suffered injuries after being taken from the entertainer's home.

The new line of inquiry would be overseen by a superintendent.


In a statement, Essex police said it had reviewed the investigation into the death of Stuart Lubbock and was satisfied with the lines of enquiry identified by the investigation team.

"However, in view of an additional line of enquiry suggested by Mr Corker, the solicitor acting for Michael Parker (Barrymore), a further investigation will be launched based on the suggestion that the injuries to Stuart Lubbock were caused at the Princess Alexandra hospital", it said.

Mr Lubbock's father Terry told the same programme he still believed the injuries to his son were inflicted at the entertainer's home.

Stuart Lubbock
Mr Lubbock's death remains unexplained

Meanwhile Mr Barrymore said he was a "bit shocked, but relieved" by the police statement.

Earlier, he said his lawyers had submitted five pages of new evidence to police about anal injuries which the coroner had suggested may have been caused by a serious sexual assault before his death.

The recovering alcoholic told Five Live: "We want to prove the fact that the anal injuries could not have happened at the house."

He added: "If these injuries had happened then, why have the police not charged anyone with anything?"

He alleged the injuries were sustained after the body left the house and before they were discovered by the pathologist.

There was no DNA or blood stains to suggest any injuries at his home, he claimed.


Mr Lubbock's father Terry told Five Live he hoped the police investigation would finally give them answers as to how the injuries happened.

"Essex police will do their inquiry as they always do, thoroughly, and things will still be the same as they were.

He said his son had been assaulted before he died.

"I will find out what happened to my son and whoever perpetrated these injuries to my son will be brought to justice," he vowed.

Mr Lubbock said he intended to take a separate civil action against Mr Barrymore alleging the entertainer encouraged his drunk guests to swim in his pool.

Mr Barrymore also said he was taking legal action over press coverage of the inquest.

Violence denied

He told the BBC his lawyers were taking action against an unnamed newspaper amid a "tabloid onslaught" he suffered last year.

Lurid headlines were prompted by the way Mr Barrymore and other witnesses were criticised by police for a lack of evidence at the inquest.

He also used the interview to strongly deny allegations made by his ex-wife Cheryl, that he had drugged and violently abused her.

"I've never drugged her or hit her, only pushed her away when we've had a barney," he said.

The comedian also criticised Paul Burrell for selling his story to the papers about life with Princess Diana.

And he dismissed reports he had behaved improperly at the princess's funeral.

  Michael Barrymore
"You can't just invent these injuries"
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