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 Friday, 20 December, 2002, 11:27 GMT
Quiz: 52 weeks, 52 questions
What do you remember about 2002? Here's a chance to test your knowledge of the year's events in the fourth and final instalment of BBC News Online's monster news quiz.

"It doesn't sound like him at all.” Who was Liza Minnelli defending?
A: Pop star Michael Jackson, who turned up late to her star-studded wedding despite being the best man
B: Pop star Michael Jackson, after he dangled his baby son out of a Berlin hotel window
C: Husband David Gest, after he forced the crew of a reality TV show to don surgical booties whenever they entered the couple’s apartment
Which animal swam 180-mile against powerful currents?
A: Todd the Labrador dog, who fell off his master’s yacht just a mile off the Isle of Wight, but took the long route home to the UK mainland via the River Beaulieu
B: Forgea the white terrier, the ship’s dog of the stricken tanker, the Insiko 1907, which suffered a fire in the middle of the Pacific
C: Gaston the seal, who escaped from Prague Zoo during serious flooding and began making for the North Sea
Who said that a contractual obligation preventing them posing naked was “immoral” and then won a court case upholding their right to undress for the cameras?
A: Five male Enron workers, who were picked to appear in a special feature about the collapsed company in Playgirl magazine
B: Miss Germany Katrin Worbel, who felt winning the beauty contest shouldn’t stop her entering glamour modelling
C: Three Romanian Olympic medallist gymnasts - including double gold-medal winner Lavinia Milosovici – who performed a nude routine on Japanese TV
Brick Kiln Lane, Dudley, was at the centre of what?
A: Great Britain, according to an investigation by BBC News Online and the Ordnance Survey
B: The Cheriegate scandal – where Cherie Blair bought two penthouses with the involvement of a convicted conman
C: The earthquake – 5.0 on the Richter scale – which rocked the Midlands
Which of the following was NOT said this year by gaffe-prone Prince Philip?
A: "He looks as if he's on drugs." Said about a 14-year-old at the Bangladesh Youth Club, in Marylebone, London.
B: “The problem with London is the tourists. They cause the congestion.” Said to the London Assembly spokesperson for the city’s £9bn-a-year tourism industry
C: “I’m so happy to be here. I love being in America.” Said to a confused audience of Canadians, in Toronto, Canada.
Which of the following was also NOT said this year by gaffe-prone Prince Philip?
A: “Are you [Tamil] Tigers?” Said to Sri Lankan priests at a Hindu temple
B: "Do you know they have eating dogs for the anorexic now?" Said to a blind woman in a wheelchair
C: "If the rest of the country had followed our lead, we wouldn't have had all these problems over all these years." Said about past regional support for racial segregation at a 100th birthday party
“What happened last night, I heard a rumour that we had sex.” Who admitted sending this mobile phone text message and to whom?
A: US film producer Steve Bing to British actress Liz Hurley – he took a DNA test to see if he was really the father of her newborn son
B: Canadian teacher Amy Gehring to one of her British pupils – she was cleared of indecently assaulting two underage brothers at her school
C: Pop Idol finalist Gareth Gates to topless model Jordan – she told the papers she took the 18-year-old singer’s virginity
"He was a loyal companion and brought us much joy. He will be truly missed." Which politician’s pet was killed by a car?
A: Ex-President Clinton’s dog Buddy
B: President Bush’s dog Barney
C: Tory MP Ann Widdecombe’s cat Pugwash
Which remarkable animal was given the name Lucky?
A: The supposedly sterile mule which defied scientific wisdom to give birth to a foal in Morocco
B: The Thanksgiving turkey saved from ending up on the dinner plate by a pardon from President Bush
C: The Bosnian pig born with two penises
Clubs, pop concerts and the theatre were all mentioned in a Royal Shakespeare Company survey of how 15 to 35-year-olds in the UK spent their leisure. Put them in order, most popular first.
A: Clubbing, plays, pop concerts
B: Pop concerts, clubbing, plays
C: Plays, pop concerts, clubbing
"He said if it had bitten a child's face this time, what would it do next? He didn't want any more children getting hurt." Where did a concerned grandfather with an airgun solve the problem of a marauding creature?
A: Knutsford, Cheshire, where Geoff Horth executed a squirrel that had scratched his young granddaughter’s face
B: Dartford, Kent, where a fox was offed after it had crept into a suburban house and mauled a baby
C: Shimosuwa, Japan, where monkeys went on the rampage targeting women in particular
Who was dubbed "Germany's dumbest criminal"?
A: The bank robber who attempted a stick-up with a toy gun, when the bank’s cash drawers were empty, wearing a mask he couldn’t see through
B: The shoplifter who stole a talking Buzz Lightyear doll – which chatted away as he tried (unsuccessfully) to hide from police
C: The man robbed a shop at gunpoint just 150 yards from his home and fled leaving his wallet and ID on the counter
Doctors were asked what they really wanted to say to their patients. "You need to lose weight", “Please don't answer your mobile phone while I am doing your smear test” and "You say you've taken your medication, but I don't believe you" all featured in the survey. Put them in order, the most popular first.
A: Liar, phone, slim
B: Slim, liar, phone
C: Phone, slim, liar

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