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 Thursday, 19 December, 2002, 20:00 GMT
Killer's refusal to co-operate
Stuart Campbell
Stuart Campbell did not give evidence
Danielle Jones's uncle not only declined to give evidence during his trial but repeatedly declined to give detailed questions in police interviews, it has emerged.

Stuart Campbell, who was sentenced to life for Danielle's murder, consistently answered "no comment" when questioned by detectives.

In a 20-minute interview released by police after the trial, Campbell said "no comment" no fewer than 50 times when questioned about a range of issues related to his niece.

Campbell, 44, of Grays in Essex, had denied killing the 15-year-old, who was last seen at a bus stop near her home in East Tilbury on 18 June 2001.

Danielle Jones
Danielle Jones went missing in June last year
In the transcripts, detectives begin by asking about bloodstains on the stocking found in a bag in Campbell's loft.

"Have you ever seen these items before?" Campbell is asked.

"No comment," he replies.

A detective explains that blood on the stocking contains a mixture of Campbell's and Danielle's DNA.

Campbell replies: "Mine?"

"Can you explain it?" asked the detective.

"No comment," says Campbell.

The detective shows Campbell the bloodstained stocking and says: "Has Danielle Jones ever been asked to wear these items of underwear?"

"No comment," says Campbell.

Danielle's DNA found

The detective says that Danielle had been described as a "shy, retiring 15-year-old schoolgirl not really breaking into womanhood".

"I would say it is fairly safe to assume this is not the sort of item of clothing I would expect Danielle Jones to be wearing," says the detective.

"No comment," says Campbell.

Campbell then intervenes to ask: "You are saying this is Danielle's blood?"

The officer explains that scientists have found traces of Danielle's DNA on the blood.

"Anything you can think of?" says the officer.

"No comment," says Campbell.

"Have you ever had any sexual contact or sexual intercourse with Danielle Jones?" asked the officer.

"No comment," says Campbell.

Police go on to question him about the increase in contact between himself and Danielle in the nine months before she went missing.

Diary confessions

They say friends of Danielle's thought the contact between them was "not a normal uncle-niece relationship".

"Danielle's mother says she was becoming increasingly worried about your relationship with Danielle over the last six to nine months," says an officer.

"She says she did not feel it was right for you to be doing things with Danielle, like taking her to the pictures and spending so much time with her."

The officer adds: "Indeed, from what Linda has told us you spent as much quality time with her.

More than probably Linda did. What do you have to say about that, Stuart?"

Campbell answers: "No comment."

Later Campbell is questioned about entries he made in a diary which appeared to be devoted to contact between himself and Danielle.

An officer asked him to comment on the fact that he sent 19 text messages to Danielle between the middle of May and the middle of June 2001.

Campbell replied: "No comment."

  Parents Linda and Tony Jones
"Today is tinged with sadness"
  The BBC's George Eykyn
"Her uncle preyed on young girls"
  Det Chf Supt Steve Reynolds, Essex Police
"Resources have been stretched"

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