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 Tuesday, 17 December, 2002, 11:37 GMT
Quiz: 52 weeks, 52 questions
What do you remember about 2002? Here's a chance to test your knowledge of the year's events in the first instalment of BBC News Online's monster news quiz.

Which of the following mishaps did NOT befall the euro?
A: The nickel alloys combined in some coins caused people to suffer skin rashes
B: The serial numbers rubbed off because the ink wasn't dry
C: A French satellite photo company said the map printed on 25 billion notes was used illegally
Chicken breasts with nutmeg, parsley, lime, root ginger and creme fraiche, half a bottle of champagne, smoked salmon roulade, shortbread biscuits, oaten cakes, chocolates and strawberries and cream. Dinner for whom?
A: The 24,000 ordinary people invited to the Jubilee concerts held in the Buckingham Palace gardens
B: Imprisoned Lord Archer and the two prison officers who accompanied him, against the rules, to a restaurant while he was on a work placement outside jail
C: Former President Bill Clinton, lavishly entertained as a guest at the Labour Party conference
"The man was very confused and thought he'd found a short cut to the station." Which intruder claimed to be looking for a train?
A: The person who broke INTO Ford Open Prison, stealing the belongings of staff and inmates
B: The man who found his way into St James’s Palace and knocked on Princess Anne's door
C: Chef Maxwell James, caught breaking into a pub by police – he later admitted he was on a mission to find out what was in the establishment's "home-made" chilli sauce
Holly Valance, Kylie Minogue and Britney Spears topped Google’s list of most searched for women in the UK in 2002. Put them in order, the most popular with net users first.
A: Britney, Kylie, Holly
B: Kylie, Holly, Britney
C: Holly, Britney, Kylie
Google found UK net surfers searched for Pop Idol runner-up Gareth Gates more than other male celebs. Who came second?
A: Pop Idol winner Will Young
B: Rapper Eminem
C: Footballer David Beckham
Which vote was decided 11,445,638 to nil?
A: The Zimbabwean presidential election, which incumbent Robert Mugabe won
B: The Iraqi election, which sole candidate Saddam Hussein won
C: The Pop Idol TV show battle between Gareth Gates and Will Young, which outsider Young won
In a BBC poll, Winston Churchill was crowned the greatest Briton. The Top 100 list of contenders also featured Field Marshal “I beat Rommel” Mongomery, Eric “I wore my glasses hilariously skew-whiff” Morecambe, and Boy “I sing, wear make-up and once had a cameo role on the A-Team” George. Put them in order, the greater first.
A: Monty, Morecambe, George
B: George, Monty, Morecambe
C: Morecambe, George, Monty
America’s People Magazine declared actor Ben Affleck the sexiest man in the US (and therefore the world). Who did it crown the foxiest member of the Bush administration?
A: Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld
B: Attorney General John Ashcroft
C: Secretary of State Colin Powell
"Spirit of Justice", a sculpture by Carl Paul Jennewein, fell foul of whom?
A: Paul Kelleher, the man charged with attacking the 8ft statue of Margaret Thatcher and knocking its head off
B: Charles Saatchi’s builders, who are rumoured to have unplugged a refrigerator containing a mould of the artist’s head in his frozen blood
C: US Attorney General John Ashcroft, who had cloth drapes made to cover the bare breasts of the statue, which stands in his offices
What did British MP Austin Mitchell change his name to as a political protest?
A: Mr Haddock, highlighting the UK’s declining fish industry
B: Osama Bin Laden, highlighting the UK’s role in the war on terror
C: I Am Who I Am, highlighting moves to bring identity cards to the UK
Some 2,000 tonnes of fuel and 2,862 BMWs, Volvos and Saabs. Where?
A: At the Johannesburg World Summit on Sustainable Development, to ferry around delegates discussing how to save the planet
B: On the Norwegian ship Tricolor, which collided with another vessel and sunk in the English Channel
C: In the tiny Irish village of Glaslough, to ferry guests at Sir Paul McCartney’s wedding to Heather Mills
Who did NOT get into trouble by using the name Zyklon – a word synonymous with a poisonous gas used by the Nazis?
A: White goods maker Bosch Siemens Hausgeraete, who wanted to call a range of goods – including gas ovens and vacuums – Zyklon
B: Sports shoe maker Umbro, which called one of its trainer design Zyklon
C: The World Meteorological Organisation, which named a tropical cyclone Zyklon having reached Z in the alphabet
Errol Douglas is to England goalie David Seaman, what...
A: born Romeo is to David Beckham
B: …lifestyle coach Carole Caplin is to Cherie Blair
C: …hair stylist Aidan Phelan is to David Beckham

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