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Last Updated: Thursday, 4 July, 2002, 10:10 GMT 11:10 UK
Potters Bar crash report: At a glance
The second Health and Safety Executive report into the fatal Potters Bar rail crash has made a number of recommendations.

It says Railtrack should:

  • Carry out a short-term (within one month) review of the design and safety analysis of points with adjustable stretcher bars to see if any modifications were necessary.

  • Undertake a more in-depth review of these types of points, including consideration of replacing them with a points system that is "more inherently safe by design". One aim should be to reduce the need for maintenance work on operating railways and so reduce danger to workers.

  • Review the standards for installing, setting and adjusting, maintenance, inspection and testing of points.

  • Ensure such a review takes account of all Potters Bar investigation findings and the standards and arrangements used by others such as London Underground.

  • Ensure those working with points have copies of, and understand, the relevant standards, drawings, specifications and other documentation required to enable points to be installed, set and adjusted, maintained, inspected and tested to the identified requirements.

  • Review the requirements and arrangements for reporting, recording, reviewing and acting upon any deficiencies of safety-related events associated with points and implement any changes as required.

  • Review the arrangements for independent inspection of points and consult and co-operate with contractors in undertaking all the recommended work.

The report also recommended that contractors working with points should co-operate fully with Railtrack in carrying out the suggested reviews as well as reviewing their own work on points.

In particular, the HSE called on contractors to "review the competency, training, and qualifications and experience requirements for their employees engaged in safety-related work associated with points and the control and supervision of these employees".

The HSE report added that the recommendations were made in the interests of safety and were "not intended to imply neglect or non-compliance with the law".

The report said the recommendations arose from the HSE's "consideration of the findings of the investigation to date and should not be used to curtail or constrain the investigation of the incident by British Transport Police, the Railway Inspectorate, or any legal proceedings that subsequently may be instigated."


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