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Friday, 5 April, 2002, 10:38 GMT 11:38 UK
'Why I came to see the Queen Mother'
As thousands of people lined the route of the ceremonial procession taking the Queen Mother to her lying-in-state, BBC News Online asked some why they had turned out.

Joyce Toms, Hampshire

Joyce Toms
Joyce Toms: "The grandchildren and I slept in tents"
I've been here with my grandchildren since 9 o'clock last night so we'd get a good position to see the procession.

We set up some tents and had a very pleasant time. The children slept so well that we might set a tent up in the garden for them every night.

We all support the Royal Family and I think it's important for the children to see this event and be taught about the Monarchy.

Matthew French, Cwmbran, South Wales

I caught the 6.40am train up from Newport to be here. I just wanted to see the procession.

The Queen Mum has been here for everything over the last 101 years. This is just a moment in history.

The Queen Mother is the first senior monarch to die in our generation. She did a lot for the country in the war. I'm a bit of a monarchist really and there are plenty of people here who feel the same as me.

Susan Collins and Suellen Sheppard, St Johns, Canada

Susan Collins and Suellen Sheppard
Susan Collins and Suellen Sheppard: "We're attached to the Royals"
Susan: We're at school in Essex and came down on the early train to see the crowds and the Royal Family.

This is a piece of history and something I'm not likely to ever get a chance to see ever again.

Suellen: Newfoundlanders like us are very attached to the Royal Family. We feel very close to them, particularly the older people.

When my dad heard about the Queen Mother's death he told me I had to lay flowers at Westminster for him.

Rosemary Mitchell, Croydon

I have loved the Queen Mother ever since I was a child and I once had tea with her in the late 1980s.

I was a nurse at Westminster Hospital and my friend's boyfriend was one of the Queen Mother's pages at Clarence House.

He used to talk about his girlfriend and the Queen Mother said she would like to meet her. She said she could choose three of us to go with her.

She was very, very nice, very down to earth and very knowledgeable. She seemed to be able to talk on every single subject.

Simon Lammy, Essex
Simon Lammy
Simon Lammy: "My whole family wanted to come"

Being from the younger generation I can't easily relate to many of the things the Queen Mother lived through, but I really wanted to be here.

My family - particularly my mum, who's a nurse - would really have liked to have come with me, but they were all busy with work.

It's better to see it in person than watch it on TV. Though there was more shock at Diana's death, the Queen Mother was a remarkable person in her own way too. It's still a sad occasion, no matter how old she was.

Beryl Warner, Cambridgeshire, and her eight-year-old grandchildren Rebecca Allen and Daniel Turner

Mrs Warner: We came up to London by train. It is the first time I have ever been to something like this.

I had a lot of time and respect for the Queen Mother as I have for the Queen.

The Queen Mother's light never dimmed whether she was 20 or 101. She did a lot for this country and I think this country should show its respects.

Rebecca: She was old and she looked very cheerful.

Daniel: She was really nice.

Evlyn Carpmael, Devon

Evlyn Carpmael
Evlyn Carpmael: "I would have camped out"
I've been to almost every royal occasion. I saw King George VI's funeral and even King George V's when I was a little girl.

I would have camped out on the pavement - I usually do - but at 76 I'm getting a bit old for that sort of thing. I did bring my Wrens uniform though.

I'm for all the Royal Family, but I especially liked the Queen Mother and want to show my support for the Queen - who's from my age group.

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