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Friday, 11 January, 2002, 15:25 GMT
Share your train pain or gain
How bad can it get? You tell us
Nominate the UK's most dismal or delightful train journey and BBC News Online will hit the rails to see just how bad - or good - things are for the nation's long-suffering passengers.

Commuters in the UK have to endure the worst railway system in Europe, according to government minister Peter Hain.

So do you know where can we find the worst of the worst?

BBC News Online wants to identify the nation's rail blackspots - its most delay-prone lines, dilapidated carriages and shoddiest customer service.

But to give the rail industry a fair go, we also want to know about the best lines and operators, and whether there are any clean, new trains which run on time.

Click here to nominate the UK's worst or best rail route.

Armed with your tip-offs, we'll recreate your great train journeys and find out whether our rail network has gone off into the sidings or is on the right tracks.

Your comments so far:

The Chiltern Line is just fab, my little station even has a station master, reminds me of The Railway Children! And it's reliable and clean. I moved to where I live due to SouthWest Trains terrible service and have never regretted it.
Henry Wheel, UK

I am a daily user of Connex Southeastern. The service is actually not too bad - most trains do at least run, and at times the punctuality is good. The public themselves cause a fair number of delays through vandalism and being taken ill on trains! Faced with that, I have considerable sympathy for the company and its staff.
Edmond Rose, UK

Rattling back from London to Chichester on one of Connex's bone-shakers - at night. Scary stuff! Takes hours, carriages are cold, seats are damaged graffiti on windows. Don't go for First Class - the yobs make a bee line for them and no-one stops them.
Lisa Tapestry, UK

Although I do not have an especially high opinion of Silverlink Trains, may I nominate their staff at Queen's Park Station in London as being amongst the most courteous, helpful, good humoured and best-informed I have encountered anywhere.
Jonquil Phelan, UK

Had a very succesful journey from Bristol to Derby on Sunday. Trains there and back were absolutely dead on time. No problem at all!
Terry Anderson, UK

I travel between Shenfield, Essex and Liverpool St every day, and aside from the usual lack of seats at peak times I feel the service is pretty good. I work with many long suffering users of services into London Bridge & Waterloo and thank my lucky stars that I live in Essex (though thankfully not on the c2c line!)
Fiona Folland, UK

The Reading to Waterloo service offered by South West Trains must be among the worst in the UK. As a passenger travelling between Winnersh Triangle and Clapham Junction I suffer from daily delays, innumerable cancellations, 40-year-old 'slam door' rolling stock and frequent termination of services short of my destination in the evenings.
Mark Driver, UK

I nominate the Manchester to Edinburgh route Completing this journey every week I have come across delays of 3-4 hours on arrival, getting into a destination after 2am. Trains cancelled on Monday mornings weeks in a row mean having to take trains down the East Coast (wrong side of the country) and getting to work hours late.
Richard Belton, UK

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Disclaimer: The BBC will put up as many of your comments as possible but we cannot guarantee that all e-mails will be published. The BBC reserves the right to edit comments that are published.
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