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Friday, 3 August, 2001, 17:11 GMT 18:11 UK
Vote in Planet Tabloid's silly season special
To mark this year's silly season - and in tribute to the nation's obsession with reality TV and quizzes - Planet Tabloid is hosting its own interactive special.

Summertime - and the living ain't easy. When there's no news, journalists everywhere have to work harder to find things to fill their pages.

But who has gone too far in their struggle? Who has scraped the barrel so much, they've fallen in? It's time to VOTE OFF THE WEAKEST STORY.

The loser will be jettisoned into the tabloid ether - voting closes 0900 BST Monday 6 August. Who loses? You decide.

1. Madame Tussaud's keep having to replace Linford Christie's Lycra suit because it keeps getting stretched when visitors pull it aside to get a peek at the waxwork's lunchbox. (Star, 30 July)

2. The council that banned bouncy castles and conker trees has now set its sights on window boxes, for fear of falling flowers-'n'-foliage. (Express, 31 July)

3. Bobby Charlton in bad hair shock! The footballing legend finally admits that his comb-over was a big mistake. "I looked in the mirror one morning and said to my wife: 'What am I doing? My hair looks ridiculous.'" (Mirror, 1 August)

4. Thongs turned 20 this week, an anniversary marked with a photo spread featuring, among others, lap-dancing impresario Peter Stringfellow. (Star, 2 August)

5. A canny shopper made a nice little wedge when his local supermarket bungled a special offer on carrots. He ended up buying 128 bags of carrots and got back 44 due to a mistake in the store's automatic billing system. (Sun, 2 August)

6. The Stockport County football club has so many Finnish players - well, three - that bosses want to serve fans rollmops at halftime. That's marinated herrings, lads. (Star, 2 August)

7. Is Liz Taylor planning to make Jeff Goldblum hubby number NINE? The pair have been spotted - get this - having dinner together. (Express, 3 August)

8. Is Cherie Blair trying to be the new Diana? We're treated to a spread of pix in which the PM's wife apparently replicates poses of the late Princess of Wales. She smiles! She talks to children! (Mail, 3 August)

9. How do kids say "very good" these days? Let me count the ways - cool, mesmeric, wix, sick, deep, mint, oudish, the nuts, animal, mad, cracker, crovey, heavy, large, bodashes, banging. That's 16 in all. (Mirror and Express, 2 August)

10. Big Brother's Helen met Survivor's Charlotte. That's about it. (Sun, 1 August)

Vote off the weakest story

Linford Christie's waxwork's lunchbox
Window boxes are dangerous
Charlton's comb-over
Thongs can only get better
128 Carrot story
Fins can only get better
Taylor and Goldblum have lunch
Cherie Blair smiles and waves
Kids are cool, mesmeric, wix and cracker
Helen meets Charlotte.

0 Votes Cast

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