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Tuesday, 20 March, 2001, 13:28 GMT
Introducing the dot.gloom-athon

Not so long ago, the internet world was buoyant with optimism and enthusiasm.

Anyone with half an idea in their head was falling over themselves in their eagerness to start up a and sell it ASAP for a huge sum.

Is depression on its way
But in just 12 months, the atmosphere changed completely, with high profile websites like going up in smoke, and even standard bearers like Yahoo! and Amazon giving cause for concern.

If you have a tale of dot.gloom to tell - perhaps you are being laid off from a, or perhaps you've lost money on shares - then click here.

And, should you need reminding, just see how things have changed.

Boom time
(The internet world in 2000)

Gloom time
(The internet world in 2001)

Anyone can start-up:

"Welcome to webworld, you really can survive," said the Guardian's jobs section, April 2000. "The salaries are climbing fast and the demand is there, so why haven't you got yourself a job on an internet start-up yet?"

And lots have slowed down:, Boxman, Breathe, Easier,, Toyzone, Musicunsigned, Ready2,, uTravel, Worldsport, Wowgo to say nothing of ClickMango, Boo, or eToys.

A shopping revolution

"We'll give electrical shops a shock," was a Daily Record headline in June 2000. "High street shops like Comet and Dixons will be plunged into a massive price war by the launch this week of an online competitor."

What goes around

Surfers are encouraged to show their support for the internet by shunning the High Street for one day. "Visit your favourite online store and make at least one purchase. Or buy 10 shares in a company you admire," says website Iconocast.

Buy buy buy

"Is Warren Buffett, The Investment Genius Of The Twentieth Century,Past His Sell-By Date?" asks the Independent, March 15, 2000

Bye bye

Warren Buffet, who avoided internet shares all along and is now having the last laugh, explains why he backed a firm which rented office furniture. It was, he said, "a fine though unglamorous business".

Will life ever be the same again?

The Industry Standard names the 21 most influential people in the internet. Most innovative online retailer was Jeff Bezos, chief executive of Amazon.

Erm.... yes

Jeff Bezos warns private investors off shares. "We are not a stock you can sleep well with at night."

For those who work in the internet, for those whose enterprising dreams have now bombed, and for those who simply love to surf, it can be a depressing time.

Which is where the dot.gloom-athon comes in. Share your despair!

Feeling down about the net? Tell us your tale of woe:

Your e-mail address:

Phone number (if we need more details - it will not be published)

Share your tale with us.

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