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Facebook privacy: Your comments

Social network giant Facebook will roll out a new set of privacy settings to all its users starting on 26 May.

Here are some of the comments you have been sending in response to the article.


Mark Zuckerberg, AP
Mark Zuckerberg admitted Facebook "missed the mark" over privacy

In the new Facebook era, private profile management is in constant development. This will be actually a good business as communication makes privacy a "more sensitive" issue. In the Facebook era, to hide something few people know is almost "impossible".
Gerardo Martinez, Canada

Actually I was thinking of leaving facebook because a lot of people view your profile yet they're not your friends, and they end up getting your information. So that change will make a big difference.
Rosemugisha, London, UK

Actually, I'm not sure about these privacy changes. If anything, I've been looking forward to more advanced ways to configure my privacy than simpler methods. Facebook should provide a simpler interface, but also allow us to be much more nitpicky and specific about the privacy on our profiles - so our profiles are exactly how we want them to be.
Dan, Loughborough, UK

I have been really disappointed with Facebook's sneaky attempts to make my profile more public. I have now had to delete all interests, locations etc because that information can no longer be kept private. As a teacher I will have to leave the site if I can not keep personal information private whilst using it. I am also very concerned about pupils who use the site.
Shona, Birmingham, UK

I would not be happy knowing the entire world could view my pictures and my personal details

I am a Facebook addict 24/7 ask anyone! I update all the time. My entire family are on it. I am able to view photos of family scattered all over the world, keep in touch daily with family and get to know what they are doing. However, I do hope that my account is private, I have played with the settings and set it so only my friends can see it and no outsiders. I truly believe it's common sense and every parent should be responsible for their children who are on it. My daughter uses it too, and she is sensible enough, after my talking to her, not to meet strangers and to keep things private from outsiders. I would not be happy knowing the entire world could view my pictures and my personal details, but I have noticed that most profiles are entirely open, phone numbers, email address, date of births etc and I think that is bad. You have to be sensible!
Debbie, Gravesend, UK

I have stopped using Facebook for many reasons. I don't trust their security measures at all. The best part is that you cannot even delete your account. The only option is to deactivate and they save your information even after you've deleted all of it. I deleted everything I could (friends, likes, etc) and when I signed in again to double-check, it was recommending family members to me that had been on my friends list. Absolutely the worst networking site.
M, Ohio, USA

I was intending to cancel my page on 31st May over this issue, I will wait and see what improvements are made before I make up my mind. This isn't over yet.
Jonathan Peden, Birmingham, UK

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