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Last Updated: Monday, 3 September 2007, 10:42 GMT 11:42 UK
Nintendo dominates in console war
Model showing off Nintendo's Wii console
Gamers are snapping up Wiis
Nintendo's Wii continues to dominate the Japanese console market, according to latest sales figures.

Nintendo sold nearly a quarter of a million machines during August, whilst Sony sold just over 80,000 PlayStation 3s and Microsoft just 11,000 Xbox 360s.

The sales figures, released by Japanese game magazine publisher Enterbrain, confirm a trend seen in other markets.

In the UK, the Wii became the fastest-selling console ever, shifting one million units in just 38 weeks.

In comparison, the world's best selling console, the PlayStation 2, took 50 weeks to reach one million in sales. The Xbox 360 took 60 weeks.

Games consoles
Nintendo Wii 9.27m
Microsoft Xbox 360 11.6m
Sony PlayStation 3 4.5m
*Based on manufacturer's figures

In Japan, the console recently celebrated reaching the three million mark, seven months after its release.

Demand has been so high that the Japanese firm has had supply difficulties. It is thought that it will take another year before the firm can ramp up production to meet demand.

The firm has said it will ship 16.5 million Wii consoles by 31 March 2008, up from 14 million previously.

However, according to Enterbrain figures, Nintendo's lead over its rivals is slowing.

In the four weeks ending 26 August the Wii outsold the PS3 in Japan three to one. In July the ratio was more than four to one and in June it was six to one.

Worldwide, the Wii is poised to overtake global sales of the Xbox 360, despite being released more than a year after the Microsoft machine.

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