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Last Updated: Wednesday, 11 April 2007, 21:37 GMT 22:37 UK
Diary: New Media Home family
Boston family
The family is getting to grips with lots of new technology
The BBC is fitting out the Boston family in Gloucestershire with the kind of kit you might need to take full advantage of a world where all the media you want arrives in digital form down your phone line.

Parents Dean and Suzanne and two daughters, Emily, 16, and Olivia, will be keeping a periodic diary on their experiences with the new technology.

In week one, Dad Dean reveals some of the teething problems they have had, as well as what his teenager daughters have been up to.


We have been downloading now for about a week with various degrees of success. We have had problems downloading C4 on-demand service as the system is not compatible with Vista. That is strange!

Apple TV
Samsung 37inch HDTV
Belkin Wireless router
Acer Aspire iDea 500 media center PC
Apple TV (pictured)
Apple MacBook
Sonos wireless music system
Kodak wireless digital photo frame

The Sonos music system is great but a little bulky as each zone need a receiver unit and two speakers.

The HD TV is excellent and we are using it in conjunction with the Acer computer system. The clarity is great.

Sky HD is very good but there are limited numbers of channels that broadcast in HD.

The girls are downloading lots of material from iTunes including music videos, which they are having fun with.

Some frustrations as Wifi disappears now and again and the time to donload is longer than I envisaged.

So far so good.


I am the sort of guy who has quite basic media requirements; I listen to the radio on FM, read the paper and get most of my news via teletext, especially sport.

I love reading and going to the cinema and we have Sky, so we really do watch a lot on those channels. Sport for me, films for my wife and mainly Channel 4 for the girls; they really like their teen offering.

I try not to use the computer much at home, I am on it all day at work and really want to give my eyes a rest. I am also frustrated with it as it is a shared PC and every time I use it my settings seem to have changed and my girls have imported some strange software, so my system crashes, or runs very slowly.

I work out quite a bit and have an iPod, the greatest invention in the last few years. I wear it at the gym and it is just about indestructible.

I have one real demand on modern media, I love the Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode Radio Five Live podcast and download it religiously.

The change in my media habits already is unbelievable. I am currently on the sofa, writing an e-mail on a wireless keyboard and sending it via my TV. Even having a basic system like wi-fi is truly staggering. Everything in my home is now controlled by a Mac or a PC - from music to radio and TV.

It is not difficult to pick up and the quality is amazing.


As part of my job as a primary school teacher I regularly use a laptop. Surprisingly, my school gave me a Mac rather than a normal PC. I was a little worried, as I had previously only used a Windows based operating system.

I use e-mail at home on our PC but I am becoming very concerned over the number of spam e-mails I regularly receive. I have a spam filter but more and more seems to get through to my inbox and I have to spend a lot of time sorting the wheat from the chaff.

Meet our New Media Home family

I have an iPod Nano which is excellent. I take it everywhere with me and find that it is indispensable. ITunes is great and I download music and I have also begun to download some music videos.

Recently we purchased a digital radio which did not work at first but last week it sprang to life, I am very impressed with the sound quality as I can now hear Five Live as it should be heard.

I find that the new technology we have is on the whole very helpful. I do however find it easier to "play" with the new systems rather than plough through a 100-page manual, it is time consuming but ultimately worth it.

We have had Sky for a number of years but Sky+ has now arrived and I use series link, which is very good, as it is so easy to use.

The systems are great but time consuming, I still enjoy switching it all off and walking the Cotswolds with my family.

Technology is no substitute for that.


I enjoy listening to my iPod, and I enjoy being able to listen to music while being on the computer - it makes it a lot more entertaining.

I download music from iTunes, we also receive podcasts from BBC Radio 1, such as Chris Moyles, and Scott Mills.

I prefer Windows PCs to Apple Macs because I find them a lot easier to use as well as having a lot more facilities available to everyone.

I use MSN messenger a lot because it is easy to use and fun because I get to talk to my friends online easier and quicker than e-mail.

I also have a Bebo page, which I visit quite often. I find it extremely sensible also that we have to accept or decline friends, it makes it safer and makes me feel more comfortable with who I am talking to.

I also use the internet for YouTube to view things such as music videos to add to my Bebo page, as well as for watching things that my friends from school have added on their pages.

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