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Last Updated: Tuesday, 14 March 2006, 14:41 GMT
Speculation mounts over PS3 event
PlayStation 3
The PlayStation 3 uses cutting edge technology
Sony is expected to reveal more details about its eagerly awaited Playstation 3 console in Tokyo on Wednesday.

Reporters and analysts have been invited to an event, which was originally only intended for PlayStation game developers.

This has led to speculation that Sony may be gearing up to give more details about the launch of its new console.

Last month Sony said it still aimed for a spring release, but warned it could be delayed due to technical reasons.

Kutaragi address

The Japanese electronics giant has said little about the PlayStation 3 (PS3) since it first unveiled the console last May

Xbox 360
The Xbox 360 hit the shops late last year
But all eyes are now on the Tokyo meeting. Sony Computer Entertainment president Ken Kutaragi is set to address it, leading to hopes that he may provide more information about the PS3.

"These events typically address platform strategy, loyalty structures, development-related plans and other details that aren't as interesting to us, but the fact that they opened the meeting up raises the possibility that there might be more," Yuta Sakurai, a senior analyst with Nomura Securities, told the Reuters news agency.

The (PS3) is one of three new gaming consoles promising cutting edge processing and graphical power.

It will compete with Microsoft's Xbox 360, which went on sale late last year, and Nintendo's Revolution, which is due later this year.

The date of the PS3's launch has been the subject of heavy speculation, with doubts over whether it would meet its original release date of spring.

Last month Sony warned that the launch could be delayed if industry specifications for some of its technology are not finalised soon.

Most analysts and publishers expect the PS3 to hit the shops in Japan and the US later this year, with a European launch in early 2007.

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