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Last Updated: Wednesday, 29 October, 2003, 11:08 GMT
PlayStation cam sells a million
EyeToy camera
The EyeToy is plugged into the console via a USB port
Gamers have been snapping up the EyeToy webcam for the PlayStation 2.

Sony has sold more than a million copies of the camera since it went on sale in Europe four months ago.

The EyeToy uses body movements, rather than a controller, to play a game.

"It brings new people to our market by physically and metaphorically removing a 'barrier to entry' in the shape of the dexterity required to master a controller," said Sony spokesman, David Wilson.

Surprise hit

The gadget was created by the company's London studios, using motion-tracking technology that was developed several years ago.

The EyeToy is a small camera that plugs into a USB port on the front of the PlayStation and sits on the TV.

Wishi Washi game
The party element attracts non-gamers, and the technology has ensured core gamers are impressed
David Wilson, Sony spokesman
It watches a player and, based on your movements, different activities can happen on the screen.

It comes with 12 games, from living room football to do-it-yourself kung fu to robot boxing.

The camera has been a surprise hit. It dominated the games charts in the UK over the summer and is still selling well.

In less than four months, more than a million copies have been sold across Europe, and Sony now plans to release the peripheral in Japan and the US.

It is due to go on sale in North America on 4 November and Japan on 28 January next year.

Dancing game

"It has universal appeal across gender and age ranges," said Mr Wilson, head of PR for Sony Computer Entertainment UK.

"It is a game that is as much fun to watch as to participate in. The party element attracts non-gamers, and the technology has ensured core gamers are impressed."

More games for the camera are planned, with a dancing title called EyeToy: Groove due to go on sale in mid-November.

"It's even got a calorie counter built in so you can get into credit against those mince pies looming on the horizon," said Mr Wilson.

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