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Last Updated:  Friday, 7 March, 2003, 17:28 GMT
BBC Urdu Online 'the best'
By Umber Khairi
BBC Urdu Online

Members of
The team get messages from all around the world

The BBC's Urdu news site,, has just been ranked the world's best Urdu website by South Asia's leading internet magazine, Spider.

The March issue of Spider carried out a survey of Urdu sites to rank the top 10 websites. shared the honour with the news daily Jang's internet site,

Spider says BBCUrdu is "remarkable - one of the best news and entertainment sites and gives a high standard content in Urdu".

All over the world

When BBCUrdu was launched last year, it was hailed as something that would prove to be a landmark in Urdu online publishing.

Web page
"Remarkable, one of the best sites," was the judges' verdict

More than a year later, the news site logs thousands of hits 24 hours a day.

It now ranks as the most successful of the BBC's South Asia language news sites.

It gets e-mails from readers from countries as far apart as Finland and Japan, as well as from remote areas of Pakistan.

"It is really gratifying," says BBCUrdu's editor Mohammed Hanif.

"Since Urdu is just developing on the web, it is truly exciting to be part of the whole process."

Variety of choice

The Spider survey gives an interesting picture of Urdu publishing on the web.

Of the top 10 sites it lists, two are Urdu dailies (Jang and Ausaf), and three are portals.

One offers Urdu and other regional language downloads (Liwal).

One is a bilingual news site originating from the US (Urdu Times), and one offers Urdu tutorials, dictionaries and Urdu website building skills (Ukindia).

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