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Your year ahead in three words

Tag cloud graphic: save even harder
Alex from Birmingham, UK, wants to enhance his nest egg

BBC website readers have been sharing their outlook for the year ahead in three words.

We have been publishing selections of these thoughts and illustrating the most popular words sent in using tag clouds.

Below is a selection of the three word comments you sent us on Friday 25 September from 0800 to 1800 GMT.

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Read your three words sent on Thursday 24 September

Comments sent to us on Friday 25 September between 0800 and 1300 GMT

Word cloud
This word cloud shows the most frequently used words you sent to us between 0800 and 1300 GMT on Friday 25 September (

Beware Tory promises writes D Watson, Chesterfield Derbyshire

Need for saving writes Anna S, Oulu, Finland

Say cheerio Gordon! Jim Kerrigan, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

C'est la vie writes Jo, West Sussex, UK

We're all doomed! writes Mike Smith, Leeds

Grow more vegetables writes Karl, Essex, UK

Ignore the Hype writes Jay, Ireland

Buy Lottery Tickets writes Allan, Toronto, Canada

Peace is Necessary! writes Mahindhar Ghanwani, Hyderabad, Pakistan

House price crash writes Dave, Birmingham, UK

Hugh Pym
Long haul ahead
Hugh Pym, BBC chief economics correspondent

Reduce, reuse, recycle writes Rosa Smith, Nottingham, UK

Money isn't everything writes Jim, Keighley, UK

Poorer, sadder, older writes Sue Hudson, London, UK

Ordinary people suffer writes Shane Sherry, Dublin, Ireland

Bring back ethics writes Ginia, Vila Real, Portugal

Just the same writes Thomas Smith, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Patience, trust, hope writes Abdul Basit, Dubai

More sleepless nights writes AC, North, UK

Revolution, anarchy, change writes Rod Evans, Bridgend, Wales, UK


Always looking forward
whatmichaelsays on Twitter

Believe in Allah

writes Hafez Amin Islam, Kuwait

Desperate to work writes Christine, London, UK

Abstinence from abundance writes Pj, Finland

God forgive us writes Andrew, Crawley, UK

Invest in leisure writes Josh Kalish, Hakuba, Japan

Just keep smiling ! writes Sharon, Nailsea, UK

World War Three writes J, Somerset

Go for it! writes Judi Evans, Paris, France

Roll on election writes Duncan Barnes, Carshalton Beeches, Surrey, UK

No silver lining writes Filis, Beijing, China

Skint but happy writes Sophie, Belfast, Northern Ireland

More deceitful corruption writes Jane Elliott, Coleraine, Northern Ireland

Never give up writes Mrjohn, Tokyo Japan

Comments sent to us on Friday 25 September between 1300 and 1800 GMT

Word cloud
This word cloud reflects the most commonly used words featured in your three word phrases between 1300 and 1800 GMT Friday 25 September (

Labour? Distant memory! writes Sam Saucer from Northampton, UK

Live within means writes Kathuria from Hounslow, UK

Joe Lynam
Bankers' belligerence bowed
Joe Lynam, BBC business reporter

Scepticism reveals truth writes Andrew from Montrose Colorado

Bye Bye Pension writes John Ellis from Montrose Colorado

Affordable housing please writes lain from Stornoway, Scotland

God help us writes Barbara from Gretna, USA

More bad news writes Ken Murphy from Ballinderry Northern Ireland

Live Less Luxurious writes Michelle McCormick from Holly, USA

No easy solutions writes Chris from Warsaw, Poland

Permanent job please writes Heather from Newark, UK


More hard work
CareerEnerge on Twitter

Slow, but recovering writes David Reid from New Hampshire USA

Up and running writes Arthur James from Mumbai, India

Interest free banking writes Ahmed from Kitchener, Canada

Count your blessings writes Jo from Leicestershire, UK

Time for change writes Steve from Brighton, UK

Hooray an election! writes P D Blake from Beverley, Yorkshire, UK

Don't lose hope writes Robert Wood from Swanley, Kent, UK

Can't retire yet! writes Christine from Wakefield, UK

Invest in skills writes Tony from London, UK

Positivity improves performance writes June from Romford, UK


Bonus culture gone
sohighlystrung on Twitter

Just be happy writes Douglas Newsam from Barbados, West Indies

Prosperous Once Again! writes Rob from Staines, UK

Bankers repay bonuses writes Mark from Bath, UK

Save even harder writes Alex from Birmingham, UK

Skint but happy writes Mick from Scotland, UK

Gordon's gone hooray!!!! writes Matt Keeble from Swindon, UK

Achieve my dreams writes Sunday Emeh from Ukpo, Nigeria

Swimming not drowning writes Gabor Kovacs from Swanmore, Hampshire, UK

Thrifty challenging hopeful writes Subhash C Mehta from Chandigarh, India

Launching my business writes Karen Carne from Earls Colne, England, UK

e-mail sent in by reader
Great new job
David Fiennes, London

Never give up writes Wendy Hardaway from Hitchin, UK

University loans unemployment writes Amir Sabanovic from London, UK

Finally got married! writes Steve Strafford from Nuneaton, UK

Children flown nest? writes Laura from Aldershot, UK

Uncertainty brings opportunity writes Derek Troy-West from London, UK

Not still jobless? writes Billy No-Job from London, UK

Read your three words sent on Thursday 24 September

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