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Your year ahead in three words

Tag cloud graphic: prepared for anything
Iain from Doncaster, UK, braces himself for the year ahead

BBC website readers have been sharing their outlook for the year ahead in three words.

We have been publishing selections of these thoughts and illustrating the most popular words sent in using tag clouds.

Below is a selection of the three word comments you sent us from Thursday 24 September at 0800 to Friday 25 September at 0800 GMT.

Comments sent to us between Thursday 24 September at 1800 and Friday 25 September at 0800 GMT

Word cloud
This word cloud shows the most frequently used words you sent to us between midnight and 08:00 GMT on Friday 25 September(

Unemployed low wages writes Namgay Wangchuk from Thimphu, Bhutan

Tougher years ahead writes S Kenepp from Akron, OH,US

Resilient octogenarian, nonagenarian writes Louis Ricker from Texas, US

Robert Peston
Flaws not eliminated
Robert Peston, BBC Business editor

Simplicity simplicity simplicity writes Elbabell from Sydney, Australia

Beware bankers' bailouts writes Roger from Nanaimo, Canada

Nothing will change writes John from Paris

Responsibility adulthood independence writes Sarah B from Fleet, Hampshire, UK

Too many politicians writes Chris Simmons from Bristol, UK

Down and out writes Nigel Burn from Southend-on-Sea, UK

Lots of luck writes R Lorance from Dunedin, New Zealand

Prepared for anything writes Iain from Doncaster UK

Faith hope love writes Michael Stephenson from Albury, Australia

Strengthen my skills writes Marc from Chicago, US

Trust in God writes Harvinder Singh from Patiala, India

Never give up writes Nigel Brown from Burlington, Canada

Back in business writes Gokhan Yazici from Istanbul, Turkey

Unpaid work plentiful writes Dave Crawford from Worcester, UK

There is hope writes Cecilia Chua from Singapore

Change is good writes Mitch Yates from Provincetown, US

Tim Weber
Watching wobbly markets
Tim Weber, BBC News website Business editor

Keeping hope alive writes Shelley Kaufman-Young from Fairfax, US

Survival of fittest writes Mike Foster from Ormoc, Philippines

Hang on tight writes Steve from Las Vegas, US

Canned good aplenty writes Sarah Bissey from Millburn, New Jersey, US

Opportunity for change writes Kumar from Bangalore, India

Planning and management writes Junisa Vandi from Freetown, Sierra Leone

Simple living best writes Alan Saeed from Toronto, Canada

Revolution needed now! writes Adam from Gateshead, UK

Anti Brown uprising writes Abe from the UK

Gordon Brown GONE writes S Taylor from Leeds, UK

Happily still impervious writes Stu W from Glasgow, UK

More green taxes writes Dave Potts from Surrey, UK

Don't really care! writes Chris from Lytham, UK

Hope for change writes Phil Colesell from Portsmouth, UK

Underlying problems avoided writes Ian Baildon from Bradford, UK

The best yet writes Rich from Bath, UK

e-mail sent in by reader

Keep moving forward

San from Singapore

Hope springs eternal writes Adam Carim from Surrey, Canada

In my hands writes Eugene D from New York, USA

I'm still alive writes Steve from Ipswich, UK

Buying new house writes Tracey Boswell from Swanley, UK

We will see writes Andy from California, USA

Cry some more! writes Derek Laughlin from Norton, KS, USA

History repeats itself writes C. Sachidananda Narayanan from Mumbai, India

Goodbye New Labour writes Duncan McDonald from Salisbury, UK

Yet more tax writes Clive Ansell from Worcestershire, UK

Multi polar world writes Anatoly Kondrashov from Moscow, Russia

Learn to live writes Jun Enriquez from Philippines

We are emigrating writes Des Miller from Isle of Bute, Scotland, UK

Change the record! writes James McCann from Barnstaple, UK

Keep in work writes Francis from Sway, UK

Find rich lover writes Sally from Lincolnshire, UK

Revelatory, successful, enlightening writes Andrei Placinta from Montreal, Canada

Same as usual writes Eric Atkinson from Warsaw, Poland

Necessity alters priorities writes Jacqueline from Topple

e-mail sent in by reader

Stop being greedy!

Nidhi from Philadelphia, PA, USA

I am optimistic writes Zewde from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Try to cope writes Thit Lwin Oo from Singapore

Bankruptcy - new start writes Nigel Hill from Swadlincote, UK

I will survive! writes Brendan Fernandes from Brighton, UK

Brown? Again? No! writes Richard Downing from Keswick, UK

No pay rise writes Richard Downing from Coventry, UK

Share the wealth writes Derek from Singapore

Job or bust writes Michael Bonnet from Longmont, Colorado, USA

Bailiffs boom time writes Tony from Wirral, UK

Perseverance, survival, hope writes Yasser Qayum from Islamabad, Pakistan

No Tories, please writes Paul Goddard from London, UK

Tough time ahead writes Zerqa Khurram from Karachi, Pakistan

Never Give Up! writes Leroy Roberts from Longview, Texas USA

World will unite writes Kamal Raj Subedi from Sydney, Australia

Not all bad writes T Pingree from Utah, USA

Please, Not Cameron writes A Head from Canvey Island, UK

Always getting better writes Kolawole Ajao from Lagos, Nigeria

Get A Job! writes Paul Taylor from London, UK

Prosperous, peace, recovery writes Sumi Shanmugam from Southborough, MA, USA

Hope springs eternal writes Pancha Chandra from Brussels, Belgium

Election promises betrayal writes Phil from Newport USA

Prudent simple life writes Tan Boon Tee from Kemaman, Malaysia

Gordon Brown resigns writes Nige Tonge from Lincoln, UK

Off to university! writes Pav Dhande from Birmingham, UK

Moths in wallet writes L Lovelace from Kirkland USA

More Obama Betrayals writes Bill Fusroy from Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Start to spend writes James Harnett from Felton, USA

Three words sent in on Thursday 24 September between 1300 and 1800 GMT

Change your thinking tweets jackwillin

Weathering the storm writes M Monaghan from Sunderland, UK

Onwards and upwards writes Clive from London, UK

Action not talk writes Warren from London, UK

Word cloud
This word cloud reflects the most commonly used words featured in your three word phrases between 1300 and 1800 GMT Thursday 24 September (

Working past retirement writes Terry Watson from Croydon, UK

Truly, deeply, maddening writes Ray in Studley, UK

Underpaid, unheated, unholidayed Writes Lee Brown from Thornhill, UK

Bonuses, market, slump writes Ray in Aberdeen, UK

Savings? Why bother writes Barn Owl from Billington, UK

Buying house, wahooo! writes Suzanne from Shoreham-by-Sea, UK

Chin up, everyone writes Martin Wright from London, UK

Winners and losers writes Dan Mason from Leeds, UK

More prosperity again writes Richard Cole from New Caanan, Canada

Expect more stress writes Caroline Jones from London, UK

Tax ad nauseum writes Mark Benn from Guildford, UK

Worse to come writes Andrew from Symington, UK

No more consultants writes Geoff from Pen Selwood, UK

Dog eat dog writes John from Buckingham, UK

Saving every penny writes Esther Doster from Wallington, UK

Stress and insecurity writes Romano Wieckouski from Pinner, UK

Live, aspire realistically writes Bharathi from Chennai, India

More lies, theft writes C Turner from Morecambe, UK

Unemployment, civil unrest writes Chris Wood from Woking, UK

Positive outlook essential writes Dan from Oxfordshire, UK

Debt! Debt! Debt! writes Sandra Smith from Portsmouth, UK

New prime minister writes Neil Masters from Farnham, UK

e-mail sent in by reader

Positive outlook essential
Dan, Oxfordshire, UK

Long-tailed recession writes Andy Robertson from Adelaide, Australia

Brown out now writes David Cunningham from La Chatre, France

Curb banking system writes Affan Akbar Thakur from Lahore, Pakistan

People laid off writes Gloria from China

Banks still overcharging writes John Hamilton from Dunfermline, UK

Survive, endure, prosper writes Keith James from Bristol, UK

Cut Gordon Brown writes Davey Harrison from Aberdeen, UK

Get debt free writes Jagdish Patel from Ruabon, UK

Disappointment dictatorship poverty writes Dave from Mildenhall

Be more giving writes Vara Li from Chicago, USA

Unlimited upward potential writes Aaron Cain from Calne UK

Hope wealth jobs writes Jayadev from Hyderabad, India

Public sector cuts writes Robbo from Malton, UK

Sub prime scrappage writes Ian Jackson from Newquay, UK

Taxes. Taxes. Taxes writes Alan from Southampton, UK

Live with it writes Isaac Feinberg from Florida, USA

Taxes, depression, poverty writes J Newell from Edinburgh, UK

Pound worth nothing writes Chris Thompson from Montdoumerc, France

Only think positive writes Rajan from Mumbai, India

Tories win election writes Sarah White from London, UK

Quid pro quo writes Stuart from Siena, Italy

More three word comments sent to us on Friday 25 September

Three words sent in on Thursday 24 September between 0800 and 1300 GMT

Simon Jack
Unemployment scares spenders
Simon Jack, BBC Breakfast business presenter

Recovery? Where is? writes Claire Bullivant from London, UK

Tighten your belt! tweets jim_herd

Where's my Job! writes Anonymous

Word cloud
This word cloud reflects the most commonly used words featured in your three word phrases between 0800 and 1300 GMT Thursday 24 September (

Unemployment, inflation, bankruptcy writes Sam Berk from Charlottesville, UK

Onwards and upwards writes Paul Parkinson from Sidcup, UK

Downing Street blues writes Karen Norris from Peterhead, UK

Clean energy today tweets MrsElsieE

Three million unemployed writes Clive Norris from Peterhead, UK

Bankrupt collapsing USA! writes LC Brown from Longmont

Double dip recession writesChas Holmes from Perth, Australia

Best year yet writes Paul from Derbyshire, UK

Buy good wine writes Leslie J Russo from San Rafael, California, US

e-mail sent in by reader

Start being optimistic!

Chris, London, UK

Jobless, homeless, hungry writes Nigel Cousins from Houston, US

Change of career writes Gray Chandler from Potters Bar, UK

A new car writes James Love from York, UK

I have survived writes Mark Fleming from Dublin, Ireland

Get a job writes Dan Young from Maidstone, UK

Work without compensation writes Stephen Smoliar from San Francisco, US

Massive job losses writes Rob from Leicester, UK

Fruitless job hunting writes Samantha Le Sommer from Edinburgh, UK

Live and learn writes Jo Bowker from Brighton, UK

General election apathy writes Frances from Shropshire, UK

Positivity creativity investment writes Wendy B Limited from Ash Green, UK

Bankrupt collapsing USA writes L C Brown from Longmont, Colorado, US

Doubtlessly still unemployed writes Andy M from Rotherham, UK

Retirement looms thankfully tweets Sherb13

Doom and gloom writes Alan Armitage from Bury, England

Retired, moved abroad writes John Walters from Caerffili, Wales

Move, warmer climate writes Paul in Frankfurt, Germany

What recession? Banker writes a banker from Southampton, UK

Lies and tax writes Keith from East Lothian, UK

Double dip recession writes Frank in Salisbury, UK

No hot water writes Lynne Barnes from Natwich

We are stuffed writes Phil from Liverpool

Gordon Brown Out writes K J Benjafield from Wallington, UK

Going down soon writes Saut from Singapore

No big bonuses writes Anonymous from Melbourne, Australia

Inflation devalued savings writes A Smith from Bangkok, Thailand

e-mail sent in by reader
Will happen again
Michael, Canada

Drastically diminished savings writes Daplatt from the US

Will happen again writes Michael Wright from Toronto, Canada

Buy more gold writes David Hyre from Stirling, UK

Get more debt writes Robert Meek from Rotorua, New Zealand

Rising interest, inflation writes Jack Hanley from London

Gloom, doom despondancy writes Dennis Huteson from Southampton, UK

Wonderful year ahead writes Sujal P from Ahmedabad, India

Struggle, struggle, hope writes Khanjan Langalia from Hounslow, UK

Not much hope writes Joseph Morgan from Dublin, Ireland

Cynical struggling doubtful
writes Chris Hannant from Poole, UK

Business as usual writes John LeVasseur from Andover, USA

Lower house prices writes Steve from Fleet, UK

Much better off writes Peter Hickey from Bristol, UK

End is nigh writes Michael Gallant, London, UK

Future is Pittsburgh writes Buddy in Pittsburgh, USA

Happier every day writes Megan from Cheshire, UK

Regime change now tweets benarchibald

I need valium! tweets MrsElsieE

Bankers still greedy writes Glenn Gregory from London, UK

Nowhere near over writes Robin Ward from Hanover, Germany

Bad bankers rule writes Lola Knight from Doha, Qatar

Not a lot writes The Pessimist from Guildford, UK

Bankers never learn writes Ian Jackson from Newquay, UK

Keep smiling everyone writes Ian from Preston, UK

Need the force writes a Jedi from Swindon, UK


Downturn drowns Brown
Teraknor on Twitter

Boom! Bang! Crash! writes Adrian from Cheshire, UK

Bye bye Brown writes Andrea from Peterborough, UK

Buy cheap sportscar writes Roger from Macclesfield, UK

All vote now writes Terry Sheehan from Bourne, UK

Thanks for nothing writes Dave McAra from Mons, Belgium

Spend, spend, spend writes Martin Holland from Horley, UK

Descent into chaos writes Martin Elton from Thornbury, UK

Stone broke graduate writes a student from Newcastle, UK

Survive massive cuts writes David Richardson from Stowmarket UK

Opportunity favours brave writes Mark Readman from Leeds, UK

e-mail sent in by reader

Stone broke graduate

A student, Newcastle, UK

Still treading water writes John Hodgson from Congleton, UK

Emigration new start writes Jono G from Bradford on Avon, UK

Hope springs eternal writes Robert Wilmot from Moutiers les Mauxfaits, France

No pay increase writes Mazza in Cheshunt, UK

Total financial meltdown writes Merv from Marton, NZ

Inflation, inflation, inflation writes Neal Ferris from Malaga, Spain

Hang in there writes Mac Bruce from Harefield, UK

Stop working unpaid writes Cliff Hanley from Bristol, UK

Unstoppable liquidity diarrhoea writes Karthik Ramesh from Mumbai, India

Long hard slog writes Rick Knutsford, UK

Faith depsite circumstances writes Wendy Hadley from Sorbiers, France

Boldly moving forward writes Garry Wingrove from Youlgreave, UK

Slow faltering growth writes Margaret from Epping, UK

Uncertainty, caution, hope

writes Wayne Winterbottom from Oldham, UK

End of Labour writes James from Portadown, UK

Wait and see writes James in North Yorkshire, UK

Keep buggering on writes Edward Grimm from Warsaw, Poland

e-mail sent in by reader

Wait and see

James, North Yorkshire, UK

Things getting better writes Gill from Wilmslow, UK

Outlook very good writes Terence Hardcastle from Driffield, UK

Too much news writes John Parry from Nohic, France

Bankers bilking customers writes D Coates from Eastbourne, UK

House price crash writes Paul from Birmingham, UK

Worldwide woe awaits writes Jack Dunlop from Knutsford, UK

More of same writes Anthony Pozniak from Uxbridge, UK

Gordon's Gone - Hooray! writes Phil Brown from Torquay, UK

More affordable housing writes Steve from Leicester, UK

Same government lies writes Steve from Leicester, UK

More affordable housing writes Ron from Rapid City, US

Worse to come writes Brian Key from Chalford, UK

Carry on regardless writes D.Manuel from Sittingbourne, UK

Maintain defensive optimism writes C Homer from Burton, UK

Wondering where next writes Dave Farrell from South Yorkshire, UK

e-mail sent in by reader

Keep smiling everyone

Ian, Preston, UK

Cuts, more cuts writes Chander Hingorani in London, UK

Increase interest rate writes Martin Emmerson from Bromley, UK

Darling buds wilting writes Kiran Raichura from London, UK

Goodbye Gordon Brown writes Alistair Ferguson in Hawick, UK

Worse to come writes Brian Key in Chalford, UK

Can't get worse writes Jim from Banff, UK

Gloom, redundancies, disastrous writes Andrea Lightfoot in Birkenhead, UK

The toughest yet writes Heidi Brand

Only get worse writes J S Shaw from Bradford, UK

The Greater Depression writes Fred Hause in London, UK

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