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Gay marriage: Your comments

Same-sex marriage will continue to be banned in the state of California following a decision by California's Supreme Court.

Prior to the ruling on Tuesday, same-sex marriages were legal for six months, during which 18,000 couples were married. Those couples will remain legally married.

Gay-rights activists have vowed to campaign against the decision.

What do you think? Here are some of your comments.


I think marriage is a virtue of the Lord and the Lord didn't say men and men should marry or women and women. He said men and woman.
Mary O Brooklyn, New York

I wholeheartedly agree with the California Supreme Court finding. The will of the people of California that the social norm of one man, one woman equals marriage is the correct definition.
John Dixon, Redding, California USA

Protesters against the ruling gather in Market Street, San Francisco.  Picture: Rubeun Tan
Protesters against the ruling gather in Market Street, San Francisco. Picture: Rubeun Tan

Once again, California shows itself to be consistently opposed to personal freedom, whether it be in the boardroom or in the bedroom. This state isn't left wing or right wing; it's fascistic.
Daniel, San Diego, CA, US

As a gay man in a 21 year relationship in the 21st century, I find this disappointing. America promises 'equality and justice for all' but as an American, I find this deplorable. My fear? A simple majority changed the California state constitution via a vote to limit the rights and freedoms of a minority group based on prejudice and bias. I find that terrifying at a core level. I thought this was America the land of freedom and equality.
Rob, Seattle

It's a shame. It's not about 'amending' the states constitution, it's about equal rights. A minority should be able to do what the majority does; to disallow this is discrimination and illegal by all means.
Allie, Chico, CA

For the first 18 years of my life I lived in California and when proposition eight was passed I had never been so ashamed of my state. I wholeheartedly think that homosexuals should have equal rights to marriage. However, the state decided on it through a vote and that must be upheld (at least for four years). While I hope that one day homosexuals will be able to marry, today we must uphold democracy.
Keller Higbee, Seattle, WA

A protestor stops traffic in San Francisco.
A protestor stops traffic in San Francisco. Picture: Rubeun Tan

Basically, gay marriage is a moot point until the USA Federal government grants gay married couples the same advantages and benefits under the law that it grants heterosexual couples. Please also consider that the divorce rate among the latter is 50%. Do I as a gay man in a long term relationship want a marriage with all that is implied in the American imagination from cake to honeymoon? Or do I want equal rights under the law?

The people have spoken and do not think that gay couples are considered a "marriage". This is the second time they have voted on it. The courts have no basis for making any other ruling.
John Fox, Los Angeles, US

I'll settle for more rights and no ceremony.
Alfredo Villanueva, New York, NY

The decision of the California Supreme Court is very disturbing for the vast majority of Americans. As an African-American, it is painful for me to watch citizens of my nation in 2009 be legally denied civil rights. The Civil Rights Legislation of the sixties changed the laws on the books. Emotions cannot be legislated.
Joy Green-McGann, NYC, USA

Although I am not protesting, I know several gay couples in California and I think this whole ban on gay marriage is ridiculous. Marriage vows are vows, it does not matter what sex you are. It is the vows that count! I also think that the anti-gay marriage protestors should research a little more closely the Roman culture where sexuality was considered far more fluid, before, in my opinion, the Church decided this was wrong.
Karen, Carson City, NV

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