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Eurovision: your reactions?

Alexander Rybak

Norway has won the Eurovision Song Contest.

Singer and violinist Alexander Rybakand smashed the record for the most points awarded during the competition with 'Fairytale', but did the competition have a happy ending for you?

Do you agree with the result and what did you think of this year's contest? Whatever your reason and whatever the country who was your favourite act.

Your Eurovision reactions so far:

I think the true winner tonight was Norton. Haven't laughed so much in ages. Well done that man!
Morag, Staffordshire

Well done Norway, I didn't hear your song until tonight and it was like it was back to the Eurovision when the song won, not the fancy dress. Well done also to Jade & Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber for finishing up in a respectable position. As for Graham Norton, you're no Terry Wogan & it showed.
Jaker, London & Dublin

I only hope that Ireland does better than the usual theme of the past few years - terrible! The only option for Finals is to gather your family/friends around the telly have a laugh together. Make a night out of it and embrace all that is Eurovisiony!!
Ciarán, Castletownbere, Ireland

I never thought I'd say this but here goes: I think the UK entry is really good. As in really good, not just good enough to win the Eurovision Song Contest. Congratulations to the UK on your choice of Champion, I hope you win! Regards, A Lenart
Anders Lenart, Tokyo, Japan

David Tanser
David Tanser's favourite song is from Estonia.

My favourite from the moment I first heard it/saw the video has to be Estonia's "Rändajad". A sweeping mournful ballad with a beautiful maiden-in-distress to match who can also play the fiddle. It's also nice to hear a country singing in it's own language for a change! Also worth a mention is Iceland's entry "Is It True?" by Yohanna. The song and her voice make it sound like a classic song from The Sundays, which is never a bad thing. David Tanser, Wapping, London

I agree with David that it's nice to see a couple of countries singing in their own language. The Estonian song is beautiful although I don't speak Estonian, however I do speak Bosnian and the Bosnian entry is brilliant and I'll be voting for it tonight!
Laura Gudim, York, UK

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