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Last Updated: Thursday, 22 November 2007, 15:43 GMT
Australian voters' panel: Ann Young
Ann Young
Name: Ann Young
Age: 65
Lives: Melbourne
Works: Retired

The area I live in is true blue Liberal. There's no danger that the Liberal candidate might lose his seat.

This is frustrating for me as I will be voting for the Labor candidate with the knowledge that she will not be elected.

I am very unhappy with the Howard government. I feel the country has gone backwards, as any dissent is now seen as a threat.

We are encouraged to be fearful, not just about terrorism but for many other reasons too.

I am also concerned about our very close relationship with the US. I very much want to see our troops out of Iraq. There have been many lies from Howard during his terms of office and one of them was about Iraq's weapons.

If Howard gets re-elected we are considering moving to New Zealand
I am concerned about this government's climate change scepticism. An enormous amount of alternative energy technology and innovations developed in this country went overseas because the government wasn't interested in them.

I do hope the Greens and Democrats do well in the Senate. I would like to see the Greens having the balance of power there.

I would like to seen the Aboriginals receive more help in their communities by both parties. But sadly, knowing their election promises, that's not going to happen.

I do think Kevin Rudd will be good for the country. He has vitality and a fresh approach, which we desperately need.

This election is different because Howard has announced he will be retiring half-way through the next parliamentary term.

This will not effect the decision of the die-hard Liberals but some swinging voters are none too sure about having Peter Costello as a prime minister.

I am a very political person and I am taking a great interest in the election. It is very important to me. If Howard gets re-elected we are considering moving to New Zealand.

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