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Last Updated: Thursday, 11 October 2007, 21:12 GMT 22:12 UK
US Armenia vote: Your reaction
Protester outside US embassy in Ankara
Protester at US embassy in Ankara

Turkey recalled its ambassador to Washington on Thursday, following a vote in the US Congress to label the massacre of Armenians an act of genocide.

Turkey has accepted there were mass killings in 1915-17 but denies they were genocide.

Here is a selection of your comments on the issue.

Addressing some of his generals skeptical of perpetrating the Holocaust, and if the world will forgive such an act, Hitler rhetorically said : After all, who remembers the Armenians today... Chairman Lantos, hiself a Holocaust survivor, can find this in the Holocaust Archives. As for putting our men and women in uniform at harm's way, wherever they go, decency, transparency, morality, liberty, democracy and JUSTICE go with them. The world has to look at our soldiers as the pillars standing tall for these values. That Americans do not bargain, cut-short, or cover-up, when basic values are at stake. As for the flag of the Armenian resistance, it was nothing but American: "GIVE ME FREEDOM, OR GIVE ME DEATH".
daniel Sagherian, w. Bloomfield, MI, U.S.A.

If ?the passing of the [Armenian] resolution by a House committee on Wednesday? causes a permanent damage to American Turkish relations, there might be backlash against the Armenian communities in the United States. It is extremely worrisome. As American Armenians we should avoid participating in acts that might interfere with vital US strategic interests in the Middle East! Why should we involve Washington in somebody else?s problem, which happened on somebody else?s land decades ago? As Armenians we should learn to think clearly and thoroughly before we act.
Hamik Carapiet Gregory, Reno,Nevada USA

Not recognizing the 1915-17 Armenian Massacres as Genocide, is equivalent of denying the tragedy of 911 as a said political event . . . .
Ara Davidian, san mateo, USA

The irrefutable evidence of a meticulously planned systematic extermination of 1.5 million Christian Armenians, denied by the Turkish Government these past 90 years is a travesty and reveals the true disturbing lack of moral values its current elected officials possess. This leads one to question the soundness of having Turkey join the European Union. Why must they deny what is obvious. I will never forget the suffering endured by my grandparents at the hands of the Muslim Turks. Like millions of other Armenians scattered in the worldwide diaspora, as a result of the genocide of 1915, we applaud the efforts of all civilized nations, to recognize the Armenian Genocide, once used by Hilter as the basis for the Holocaust. "Who remembers the Armenians?" Hitler argued.
Richard Demirjian, Newport Beach, CA USA

The US congress and political system as a whole is a joke. They cannot pass serious resolutions in regards to a war and yet can spend time on something that happened over 90 years ago. How about they focus on a more recent genocide, which their country supported behind the scenes with war criminals such as Henry Kissinger? In the early 70's it is estimated that between 1 and 3 MILLION Bangladeshis were murdered and close to half a million women were raped by Pakistani soldiers, with the full support of the U.S. The figures are from countless independent sources, and that 3million figure is very likely. How about they acknowledge that, more recent genocide rather than simply going back 90 years when hundreds of millions died in the world war. More news on the Bangladesh genocide during the peaceful and democratic struggle for independence please.
Xad, London

Why doesn't the Turkish parliament hold a vote on the genocide of the native Americans?
Chris Jones, Romsey, UK

"large numbers of both Turks and Armenians were killed in the chaos surrounding World War I and the collapse of the Ottoman Empire" Large numbers of both Germans and Jews were killed in the chaos surrounding World War II and the collapse of the Third Reich. Fortunantely, Germany had the courage to admit what really happened and move forward.
Kay, Beverly Hills, USA

My grandmother, a survivor of the Genocide, is 93. Her father and brother were slaughtered by Turkish troops; other relatives died in the march across the desert. She has been waiting all these long years for justice as other survivors, friends and family, have passed away. It would make her and the rest of the Armenian community so proud if the U.S. finally stands up for the truth. The truth of the Armenian Genocide should be recognized as fact, just as the Holocaust is, and Turkey must not be allowed into the E.U. until that nation acknowledges its crime.
Anoosh Jorjorian, Los Angeles, CA

If the decision "is not regarded by the Turkish people as valid or of any value," why are they making such a fuss?
Hanna C., WI, USA

ultimately, it will be the Turkish people, themselves, that will bring the Turkish government's absurd denial of the Genocide of my grandparents and family in the early 20th cent to it's end. they are beginning to wake up and understand the lies. the US needs to FINALLY stand up for truth with a full declaration from the House AND Sentate, and not make Turkish tamtrums superior to historical truth. it's an embarassement. a shameful day when a Genocide of 1/3 of the entire Armenican population is considered 'alleged' nearly a century later. Bravo for the House Committee.
janet kinosian, los angeles, californ USA

What an ally. US keeps bringing this bill over and over again. Democrats just try to get Armenian votes by keeping this issue alive. There is no point in passing such bills in any parliament. Another thing is that judging 1915 issues with today's mind is ridiculous. My grandparents are from Eastern provinces of Turkey. My grandmother's town was occupied by Armenian militants under Russian supervision. She said that if the Russian officers left, she and her family would not be alive. She knew occasions where muslims were sent to mosques and then torched. My grandfathers house was pillaged several times by Armenian gangs. Does anyone know about that? If this bill passes should our parliament pass bills on American Indian, Vietnamese, Iraqi and many other genocides carried out by American forces?
Nihat Mala, Istanbul

I am Armenian American.My parents are survival of Armenian Genocide.They witnesed terrible massacres In the age, my father 12 years old ,my mother 7 years old. They lost their parents, brothers, sisters, grand parents their village the whole nation in 1915 genocide. Anahid Antaramian
Anahid Antaramian, California U.S.A

I think we as Turks should not be afraid of what our histoy was, we should be courageous and admit what happened, find enough strength inside our soul to apologise as it was done by Germans and gain dignity. This is th only way we could continiue, look at the World in all countries Armenians do the same, and they will be doing it until we Turks understand that what was done in 1915 was state oganised and shamfull for the glorious history of Ottoman Empire and its successor Turkey. Do not be paranoid just admit the reality!!
Mustafa, Vienna

Young Turks were revolotunist patriots and considered the sake of the state as the most important thing in the world. They fought against the enemies and sacrificed their lives for the independence and honour of their country. For hundreds of years Armenians lived peacefully under soverignty of Turks. But during the occupation of Russians, Armenians showed hostility to Turks. So the Young Turks, who were in charge of the country at those days, needed to resist them. It was the Armenians who drew first blood. If Armenians had been more stronger, they would have killed millions of people to form their own country. No Turkish people defend any barbarous act against any nation, any time, so even it happened in those days, any inhuman treatment can't be admitted by any Turk. So "genocide" is the most humiliating and unfair word for Turkish nation. As it comes from the long standing Turkish culture, there will always be Turkish people, like Young Turks, who will defend their country in any condition.
Volkan Yaman, İstanbul Turkey

Armenians bring to a focus the Christian factor, forgetting that today the majority of Armenians live in the Arabian countries, after their deportation from territory of Ottoman Empire. There was no "genocide". There was ONLY deportation. Those countries which today support Armenia, should study more deeply history of their countries, and how many genocides they have done? Great Britain occupied India, France occupied Algeria, America has exterminated Indians, and any from them didn't condemn their barbarity. Many times Turks called Armenians to study together the archives of 1915. Armenian side has always refused. What was the reason? If the Armenians are right, they should not be afraid of joint investigations...
Gunay, Athens, Greece

It is just so hypocritical of Turkey to call that just mass killings and not a genocide. It is a well known fact that the ottoman empire was very brutal to its colonies and Armenians in particular. Today these Armenians keep their mouth shut only for the simple reason they still fear Turkey. I think the US had no choice but to acknowledge injustice because for one's own political games, one cannot ignore a genocide. If a Jewish genocide can be acknowledged, then Armenian genocide is no exception. Turks should stop being so hypocritical and acknowledge history to learn from its mistakes instead of threatening the coalition. Its an irony that the same turks made a huge cry when their soldiers got killed accidentally by the US forces.
Romit, delhi

Once again, American have shown a complete and utter lack of understanding of the political climate in the Middle East. They played a game of polical "Russian roulete" with Iraq. They are now loading the chamber with another bullet insulting Turkey with this accusation of genocide. I suggest they check their "American" English dictionaries for the true meaning of genocide.
Michael West, Antalya Turkey

It's intersting that everybody is speaking about the Armenian "victims" but nobody is mentioning the Muslim victims (Kurds and Turks) whom lost their lives in the hands of the Armenians. Half of the population of Yerevan (the capital of Armenia) were Muslims before the break of the first world war but after the war no one signle Muslim was alive in Yerevan.If we are going to call killing of Armenians a genocide then we should also call the killing of the Muslims in the hands of the Armenians an "Armenian Genocide".
Ali Al-Rawy, Denmark

I say it took long enough for the United States to recognise the genocide of the Armenians. We recognise the Jewish genocide, why did it take so long for the Armenian genocide?
Miss Tamela Ruth Payne, Lynwood, USA

America has done great damage to its relations with Turkey, and sadly, we all suffer. This is cheap point-scoring and what is needed is more diplomacy and the call to debate this matter seriously. It is also ironic that it comes at a time when Turkey is planning to repeal its laws against writing books that question Turkey's actions.
Tim E Wilson, currently in Istanbul

Any harm done to the relations between the governments of the United States of America and Turkey blamed on Foreign Relations Committee passage of HR106 is nothing compared to the harm Ottoman Turkey did to my Armenian ancestors and family members. It was Ottoman Turkey that committed genocide against Christian Armenians, but modern Turkey is equally guilty as long as it continues to deny these facts.
James H Nazarian, New York, USA

At long last, representatives from the United States government have the courage to recognise the suffering the Armenian people went through in 1915. Turkish politicians and most of its people are unable to accept the crimes their forefathers committed. More importantly, this is a test upon Turkey and the EU will be watching. Can they do what the Germans did? Can they accept their crimes, apologise and then live in peace with its neighbours. It is 2007, but yet, Turkey has strained relations with nearly every neighbour she shares a border with: Armenia, Cyprus, Greece, Iraq. It is clear, Turkey is not ready to join the Liberal democracies of Europe.
Mario Angeli, Cheshunt, Herts

I'm horrified by the tragedy at the end of the First World War but I don't think this resolution is a wise move. Turkey should come to grips with this situation themselves and not be called out in this way by an ally. The US doesn't have the moral authority to call Turkey out on this considering our actions in the Vietnam war, Latin America, and Iraq. The United States should ask Turkey in private to move on this issue but not force the issue upon them.
Eric Kennedy, Atlanta, USA

I really think that the Armenians should stop trying to bring up conflicts from WW1, this is only going to lead to other world war. If this is acceptable then we should dig up what the Roman, Byzantium and Hungarian empires etc. did in the past, and hold the country residing in the that specific area accountable.
Mert Sentarli, Pretoria, South Africa

As a New Zealand descendant of an Armenian grandmother, I can't understand why the Turks can't just hold up their hand and admit guilt. What are they waiting for? Are they hoping that another 90 years of denial will alter world opinion?
Johnny, Wellington, New Zealand

The Turkish President, Mr Gul, talks about the politicians of the House of Representatives voting in favour of recognising the Armenian genocide for "small domestic political games." I took the time to read the House of Reps' resolution, which the BBC thoughtfully attached, I found it well-argued, clear, succinct and pertinent, and presenting a very convincing argument for the decision taken.
Roger Yvon Kellner, Calgary, Canada

Turkey should get real. This is not about insulting the Turkish people. It was the Ottoman government which committed the genocide and is responsible. Why does modern Turkey continue to deny the truth from its people instead of distancing itself from its predecessor. Turkey should learn from Germany.
Andranik Missakian, London, UK

I cannot believe that the bill has been delayed so long, the armenians suffered a great genocide but due to political pressure the world has kept silent for a long time, but no longer. The truth about this ethnic cleansing must be recognised for the sake of humanity.
K Ghareeb, London

I think while this is on the table congress should acknowledge that the killings of millions of indigenous peoples in what is now the United States was also genocide. My government continues to surprise me by pointing fingers at other countries while ignoring the atrocities that happened here and are still happening here.
Lee Perry, Bend, OR USA

I grew up without any grandparents: they all died during the Armenian genocide in Van, Turkey.
Agnes Darbinian, Cambridge, MA , USA

I congratulate the US Congress for taking such a bold action. I am particularly happy that Congress did not bow to pressure from the White House. I think it is about time we sent a clear message that the world rejects all acts of genocide and crimes against humanity.
Ben Tetteh, Ghana

I used to live in a city in Turkey called Elazig, and during my residence in that city, a few old men used to explain to me how their fathers joined in a group to slaughter some Armenians while they watched. The point they were making was very clear, that it was not a genocide but hatred and extreme pressure against the Armanians from both the Ottoman Empire and the public because of their religious differences and so on. As I have heard the story from people who have lived those years, I believe that Turkey has a right to defend the fact that it was not genocide.
Ozkan Yurtsever, Hertfordshire

If you start counting the killing of people in recent history, the situation in Darfur should get top priority - as something can be done to stop it. The armenian killings are a tragedy no doubt, but it happened during the Ottoman time, let's fix the present problems!!
Bob, USA

Justice Finally Has Prevailed. If the Jewish killings in World war two was a genocide why hasn't been the Armenians over 90 years ago. Now the turkish government needs to pay. As have the Germans to the Jews. Long Live the Armenian People.
Antoine Gharabegi, USA

My grandfather and grandmother were born in the same village of Yogounolouk, Turkey. The village was attacked by turkish troops in 1915 and they escaped being killed in the genocide when a French naval ship rescued them and took them to Egypt. They told me many times about their home at Mousa Lehr, the olive orchard and cherry trees they took care of, and how they escaped with their lives, and how gruesome a crime was committed against our family by the Turkish government. This crime against all humanity was so upsetting to them that it disrupted their entire life. I grew up with countless stories of people killed by the ruthless turks. Only when the truth finally comes to light will my family have peace.
Sanadroug Bedros Hajian, Fresno, USA

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