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Last Updated: Friday, 12 October 2007, 14:52 GMT 15:52 UK
US Armenian vote: Readers' views
Turkey has recalled its ambassador from Washington after a US congressional committee voted to recognise the mass killing of Armenians during World War I as genocide. Turkey denies claims it was genocide, while Armenia has welcomed the vote.

Here, readers from Armenia and Turkey discuss the resolution, which has rekindled a heated and long-running debate.


Cavdet Caner
Labelling this as genocide is wrong. Genocide happens when one side is superior to the other.

But illegal acts were carried out against us too.

Does anyone know or realise how many Turks were killed by Armenians at that time?

Yes, Turkey killed some Armenians, but it was not an orchestrated act. That kind of an operation would have needed force which we didn't have.

It was a consequence of war.

Armenians and other nations are always talking about the dead and the past. We have lost many people too but we do not dwell on it.

What I am trying to say is that we are not the bad ones.


Armen Asryan

As an Armenian, I feel deep respect towards the US lawmakers who passed this resolution, in spite of White House lobbying.

There is a human tragedy that has to be acknowledged, 90 years later. I salute the bravery of people who voted for it.

Three of my great-grandparents were survivors of the genocide. They fled from what is now Eastern Turkey.

Being children, they were separated from their families and placed in an orphanage founded by American missionaries in what is now Gyumri in Armenia.

I have heard the stories since I was a child, and although I don't have any negative feelings towards the current Turkish state, a bitter feeling of betrayal has remained.

There has always been a need for the world and the Turkish government to at least recognise that those killings were indeed genocide.

Now that has been achieved.


Does the US Congress think Turks are stupid?

They pass such a bill, then say the American government is not against the Turkish government and that good relations will be maintained with Turkey.

Turkish President Abdullah Gul
Turkish President Abdullah Gul said the vote was unacceptable
They don't know the Turks.

I condemn a committee which appears to have bowed to pressure from Armenian religious leaders.

I don't think the US should have the right to vote on other nations' problems or condemn a nation for what happened 90 years ago.

Armenians killed Turks and Kurds, and Turks and Kurds killed Armenians.

It was a war. Things like that happen in wartime.


The genocide is a fact that cannot be denied.

It was planned and conducted very coolly under the nose of, and probably with the approval of, Europe in 1915.

Armenians holding torches
Armenians have welcomed the decision
What is surprising now is to see that the most powerful nation in the world got scared by Turkey, after its lawmakers took this decision.

France made the same judgement with dignity and honour.

Turkey was allied initially in both world wars with Germany and played its role quite dexterously, changing sides.

It will be interesting to see if that will happen again as a result of this ruling.


The decision of the US Congress is unacceptable, unjust and unfair.

The two countries would do better to leave this topic to the historians and focus on improving relations between neighbours
Artur, Yerevan, Armenia
US lawmakers do not have the right to judge a historical case.

I condemn Armenia for its attempt to blackmail Turkey and try to promote a false image of this country and what happened in the past.

Armenia is, after all, a problematic country itself in the region.

It has already - with the help of Russian forces - invaded 20% of Azeri land and forced millions of Azeris to leave their homeland.


The US Congress ruling could create real political tensions not only for Armenia and the wider region, but also for the US.

I think that this discussion should be halted.

It could really hurt the many thousands of Armenian people who live and work in Turkey.

The US recognition of genocide may seem beneficial for Armenia, but we don't need conflict with Turkey.

The two countries would do better to leave this topic to the historians and focus on improving relations between neighbours.

This kind of issue can do a lot of harm and has the potential to destroy political and economic relations.

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