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Last Updated: Monday, 13 August 2007, 10:11 GMT 11:11 UK
Meteor shower: Your comments
Shooting sky across a night sky
Paul Scott sent in his picture of the shower
Thousands of people in the northern hemisphere have witnessed the Perseid meteor shower. The shower lasts about two weeks, but reached its peak overnight on Sunday.

You sent us your sighting stories.

I watched the meteor shower between 0320 BST and 0340 BST with my Dad, Mum and sister in our garden. We saw 18 shooting stars in all and I wished on each of them. I am eight years old.
Elliot Harvey, Caister on Sea, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

As I was going to bed at about 2240 BST last night, I looked out of the window and happend to catch sight of one shooting star which was very exciting. However, I couldn't stay up and wait for more due to work the next day.
Mandi, Cardiff, Wales

I was standing in the ruins of Waverley Abbey near Farnham in Surrey at midnight - very dark and spooky! My other half counted 25 meteors in the 90 minutes we stood there.
Simon Harrison, Surrey

My wife and I watched between 2130 BST and 2230 BST and both saw only five good meteor strikes and, in my case as my eyesight is better, about six feeble ones. Spectacular it wasn't! I clearly recall the Perseids of 1950 which I witnessed in a field near Wallingford. That was spectacular, with scarcely a break between shows and often several at once.
Graham Vine, Bordon, Hampshire

Worth it to hear my teenage daughter comment that "worrying about hair straighteners and computer games seems a bit irrelevant when you see this". I managed to get three of our kids outside to enjoy the spectacle at 0100 BST this morning. Perfect seeing as we're rural folk - probably the best display I've seen in over thirty years of viewing the Perseids.
Mark, Gloucester

We saw a spectacular show of shooting stars from the North end of Great Yarmouth beach from 0200 BST till about 0330 BST we must have seen more than 50, including one very bright one that seemed to go pop and part of it shot off from the main one.
Claire, Great Yarmouth

I managed to wake up at 0204 BSTand went outside. I saw one even before I got the chair set up to sit in! Then another two in the half hour I waited - daughter and son in law less than one mile away saw nothing!
Lynne, Hemel Hempstead, Herts

Wow, what an experience! Laying on the trampoline, we were treated to a shooting star every minute or two and even tracked a few satellites across the night sky. Better than TV, that's for sure!
Julia, Colchester, Essex

Sunday 12 August between 2200 BST and 2230 BST saw about six. Monday 13 August between 0200 BST and 0230 BST, I saw absolutely nothing (clear sky); what a waste of time!
Ray, Yeovil

I took my two kids to see it. Great view on top of a very dark but windy mountain in South Wales. The first one I saw was a spectacular three trail burst North to South, outstanding. My kids were eager to see more and more and the skies did not disappoint for one. The cloulds held off and the fireworks ensued. They are a great free natural way to enlighten and enthuse you and your kids to look at the world in a slightly different perspective. One gripe though as one of my kids said, "Can't they do it earlier, I'm tired."
Peter, Ton Petre, Wales

My 11 year old daughter and I spent about 15 minutes from 2300 BST on Sunday watching in the garden and we saw about a dozen. I think she was quite impressed with what she saw and I found myself having to explain in as much detail as I could what caused them. We would have stayed out longer, but our necks were getting sore from looking up!
Tim, Church Crookham, Hants

What meteorite shower?! I checked the heavens at 2200 BST, midnight, 0200 BST and 0400 BST. Not a meteorite to be seen!
Philip, Weybridge, Surrey

Being in the heart of Birmingham, I didn't expect to see much when I sat in my back garden and looked up at the sky. Luckily for me, the sky was wonderfully clear and I spotted four meteors in just 15 minutes despite all the light pollution. It was fantastic!
Jude, Birmingham.

The best for years. I'm off to bed knowing how handy and beautiful the atmosphere is. I, for one, will endeavour to respect it a lot more.
Paul, Eastbourne

I watched the meteor shower in my back garden, wonderful experience, warm night, clear skies and many shooting stars. Most interesting was trying to spot them in the many parts of the sky and observing white, yellow and orange tails all of different lengths. All in all quite Interesting.
Kieron, Bagshot, Surrey

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