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Last Updated: Wednesday, 18 July 2007, 13:42 GMT 14:42 UK
Eyewitness: Sao Paulo air crash
Scene of the crash in Sao Paulo
Rescuers are still searching the scene of the accident
Some 200 people have been killed in an air crash at Sao Paulo airport in Brazil.

BBC News website readers describe the scene they witnessed when the jet skidded off the runway and crashed into a fuel depot before exploding.


I was at my friends' house on a balcony overlooking the runway at Congonhas airport actually watching the plane come in.

It touched down in front of us, left the runway, slid off behind the buildings at the end of the runway and crashed.

Guido Reusch
Guido Reusch witnessed the crash
There was a big explosion from behind the buildings, and fire and smoke flew up into the air, and we could smell the smoke being blown across the airport.

There followed a brief moment of silence, before we heard lots of sirens and then saw the emergency services racing towards the scene of the crash.

There were three of us on the balcony and we stood there in shock at what we had seen.

We could see other people walking out onto their balconies around the area all in a similar state of shock.

My friends are very concerned, as they know people who work in one of the buildings at the end of the runway. They have been trying to call them since but have been unable to get through.

People are going to be angry here about this accident, as there have been problems at Congonhas airport before.

The Brazilian people will want to know why this happened.


Rescuers at the site of the crash
Worst accident in Brazil's history

I was in a plane at Congonhas airport bound for Paraguay, waiting to take off when the accident happened.

I didn't actually see or hear the crash from our plane, but when we taxied back to the airport terminal, I could see smoke at the end of the runway.

There were women everywhere in the airport crying. Others just stood there aghast by the whole situation.

I actually also live very close to the airport, on the other side from where the accident happened.

My partner Carol looked out the window to try to see my plane take off and saw fire and smoke from the accident.

She thought it was my plane. I called her and she burst into tears.

I walked home past the site of the crash.

The area was packed with firefighters and emergency services.

There was an air of disbelief and sadness everywhere, with people just walking around in a state of confusion like zombies.

It didn't really hit me until I got home what had happened. I personally don't feel lucky, just saddened.

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