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Last Updated: Friday, 15 June 2007, 14:55 GMT 15:55 UK
Fearful in Gaza
The gun-battles may have stopped in the Gaza Strip, but people living there remain fearful for their future.


I work for an international organisation in Gaza city.

I was looking out of my balcony earlier and I saw a red car with some women in it, a Daewoo driving fast towards the hospital.

Hamas militants were standing on the corner with their guns and they just fired into the car. They killed some of the women in the car.
Hamas fighter on roof of Palestinian security compound
Hamas militants have taken over security headquarters in Gaza city

It was terrifying.

Later I saw the car, the same car, on al-Jazeera, covered in blood and bullet-holes.

There are war crimes going on, civilians are being attacked.

The fighters are so short-sighted, they think that the edge of Gaza is the edge of the world.

They don't realise that we have to live in peace with Israel, with America, with the rest of the world.

The situation in Gaza City is so tense, I am so stressed out. What if someone comes to my door with a gun?

I keep shouting at my kids, arguing with my wife.

I am so worried about my family's future. I don't want to live in a "Talebanised" society, where men and women can't sit together in restaurants.

Before all this I was 50-50 about leaving Gaza. Now I am 90% sure that I want to get out. But where would I go?


I live about 10km outside Gaza city.

Things are much more normal today, the fighting has calmed down. People are going out on to the streets again.

Hamas militants seize Fatah security HQ in Gaza city
There has been international condemnation of Hamas's tactics
There are Hamas fighters everywhere, they have suddenly mushroomed out of nowhere.

Most of them are wearing masks to cover their faces. But they are not harming civilians.

I don't support Hamas or Fatah but I think about half the people who live in Gaza support Hamas.

I am definitely worried for the future, for the stability of Gaza. I am an English teacher and I can't get work.

I am worried about my family. I would like to leave, to get out. But how?


My area was for Fatah but now it is led by Hamas and really, I'm happy about that.

I can go to the mosque freely, I can walk the street freely too. I'm not scared to go out now.

Yesterday we were scared because there was fighting from both sides, we were trapped inside a war.

I'm pleased that Hamas has won. Hamas is leading Palestinian freedom and that is very good for the Palestinian people.

I feel it is a victory, that good has won the battle over the evil.

But really I am afraid for the future.

I am afraid about what is coming up because nothing is guaranteed.

I cannot be certain how the international community will deal with the current situation.


I am very sad about what has happened in Gaza.

Hamas is now the dominant force here. They have destroyed all of the security services.

Every person in the street seem to possess a weapon now. It is calm, but we are still very cautious.

The crossings are all closed, there is no flour in the bakeries to make bread, no fuel, nothing.

I can't really say we have a shining future. As a student I dreamed about making an honest living, teaching.

Now I have no more dreams.

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