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Last Updated: Tuesday, 8 May 2007, 15:06 GMT 16:06 UK
French voters' views: Muriel Calvez
Muriel Calvez
Name: Muriel Calvez
Age: 19
Lives: Quimper
Works: Student
Voted: Royal

I expected Sarkozy to win in the end, but I'm still very disappointed.

I really did not want to see him as our next president.

I'm afraid of him and his policies, particularly on immigration and the welfare state.

I'm particularly nervous about what he'll do with our taxes and whether he'll create tax breaks for the wealthy and increase taxes on the poor.

I also think he will make our foreign policy more in line with the Bush administration.

However, he will have many challenges to overcome.

Unemployment is a huge problem and there remain massive problems in our suburbs - as the riots over the past couple of days have shown.

Even though I don't agree with violence, I was not surprised at all to see it happen all over again.

It reminded me of the riots during the election in 2002, which just shows how many problems we still have in France.

I was also surprised at Segolene Royal's reaction to her loss. She seemed nearly happy and relieved that the campaign was over.

She will still have an influence over how people vote in the parliamentary elections.

I certainly hope to have my say in those elections, although I am back to being undecided again.

So, overall I'm not optimistic about the future of France, but I will try not to be too pessimistic under the circumstances.

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