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Last Updated: Wednesday, 18 April 2007, 10:33 GMT 11:33 UK
French voters' views: Francoise Brocco
Francoise Brocco
Name: Francoise Brocco
Age: 56
Lives: Paris (originally from Toulouse)
Works: Hotel worker
Current voting intention: Le Pen
I will vote for Jean-Marie Le Pen first and foremost because I like him as a person.

He is a friendly and amicable man and is the best candidate for president.

He is also the best person to change France, and we do need a lot of change in France.

The country is going downhill.

Too many people do not have enough money, cannot afford their rent and pensions are too low.

Many of our neighbourhoods are also becoming too dangerous.

The main problem is immigration.

There are too many people being allowed into this country without the right papers.

They are given free medical care and free transport, while the rest of us have to pay. This is not right.

Jacques Chirac has given too many benefits to illegal immigrants. This must stop and the only person to tackle this is Mr Le Pen.

The other candidates would not change a thing when it comes to immigration.

Segolene Royal would only make it worse, and Nicolas Sarkozy's policies are even more dangerous, in my opinion.

Mr Le Pen has run a good campaign overall.

He is polling well at the moment and we hope to see that increase between now and Sunday.

I think he can have a real impact on this election and will hopefully be elected president, so he can enact some much-needed change and regain France.

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