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Last Updated: Thursday, 22 February 2007, 17:23 GMT
My Cricket World Cup: Adnan Nawaz
My Cricket World Cup presenter Adnan Nawaz
My Cricket World Cup presenter Adnan Nawaz
I don't like cricket.....I LOVE IT. This game has a different dynamic to almost all other sports in the world, but why?

It has a bat, a ball and protective clothing, but so do many other sports.

For me, cricket is special because of the amount of time it takes to complete a game.

The psychological element of a game that lasts up to eight hours makes one day cricket an emotional rollercoaster.

It takes fans to the upper limits of their fervour to the lowest depths of sporting despair.

Cricket at its best is an art-form, elegance and power combined with spontaneity and creativity.

Every ball is a battle between batsman and bowler, every delivery a mini-event. This is it's beauty, a long game and yet with every moment a potential match-winning moment.

India and Pakistan cricket fans
India and Pakistan will be hoping for glory in the West Indies
Watching a team crumble under pressure or appreciating a revival from the apparent point of no return gives cricket an edge over other sports.

As an Asian, I would find it impossible to ignore the sport, and why would I?

So much of the sub-continent seems to draw inspiration from its national team, so much of the sub-continent appears to invest its own personality in it's national team, and so much of the sub-continent looks as if it's national identity itself is derived from the national team's performances.

Cricket is a game introduced to Commonwealth nations during the time of the British Empire.

Ask any of the cricketing nations which team they most enjoy beating, and most will say ENGLAND!

Adnan was born in Pakistan and has also lived in the Philippines, Italy, Chile, the United States and France
He joined BBC Sport in 1995 as a producer
In 2000, he turned to presenting on BBC News 24 and BBC World
It's a sport which former colonies use to establish their identity and drive national pride.

It is MORE THAN A GAME, it is almost a religion, and I am one of its most fervent devotees.

The first World Cup in the Caribbean promises to be biggest party cricket has ever experienced, sun, sea, sand, and hopefully plenty of SIXES!!!

Let's all be a part of it on "My Cricket World Cup."

My Cricket World Cup will be broadcast live on BBC World TV throughout the tournament.

We'll be on air 1030 and 1645 (both GMT), Tuesdays and Fridays.


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