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Last Updated: Tuesday, 6 March 2007, 14:10 GMT
Have you met Tony Blair?
Tony Blair
Tony Blair won a landslide victory in 1997
Have you met the prime minister? Do you have any photos?

Tony Blair has announced he will not be in office by September 2007. We want to hear your take on the last 10 years. How has your life changed since Labour's 1997 General Election win?

Your comments:

Chris Heatcote, Cheshire

"I met Tony Blair last April when he came to my University (London School of Economics) to unveil the restored Fabian Window. Most people saw the irony of the Labour Leader who has done so much to undermine the Labour tradition unveiling a monument to that history. He looked tired and rattled but still gave an amusing off the cuff speech and stayed to meet people."

David Clifton, Winchester, Hampshire

"I was invited to 10 Downing Street as a reward for my contributions to Further Education through my role as student governor at my sixth form college. I shook his hand and shared some words. He then gave a speech. I was impressed by his manner and his position. I felt he was more accessible to the public than the media would like to illustrate and that he should be remembered as a positive voice for change in the UK."

Andy Briggs, Winchester, Hampshire

"I was one of the crowd that watched as Tony Blair arrived at Number Ten on that historic day in 1997. We were all buoyed up by the new hope that he and New Labour personified after the seemingly inept John Major years. Unfortunately since then, New Labour in general and Tony Blair specifically have shown that the Major government were saintly in comparison. All in all, I think that Tony Blair will be remembered for two things: Creating the morass that is Iraq and the Millennium Dome which it is worth noting is now an empty, discredited folly that cost the country huge sums and was built on woolly ideas that hadn't been thought through properly."

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