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Last Updated: Thursday, 8 February 2007, 18:07 GMT
Outsourcing views: Doug Thoms
Doug Thoms
Name: Doug Thoms
Age: 44
Lives: New York, US
Works: Graphic designer

I am a freelance graphic designer. I work for many different companies, including some of the biggest and most successful advertising and financial companies in the world.

Outsourcing makes life very difficult for people like me. I have been personally hit by graphic design jobs being outsourced to low-wage workers in India.

Living in Manhattan, with the world's highest cost of living, I cannot possibly compete with someone in Mumbai, who pays only a tiny fraction of my expenses.

Companies think that they are getting a bargain. The results are invariable of lower quality than work done by far more experienced and better skilled US designers.

With people with a native language other than English, you get far more language mistakes, which have to be corrected. This is not saving money.

Businesses are the sole beneficiaries of outsourcing. They exploit Indian workers, paying them very low wages, which don't help them become richer.

Outsourcing skilled labour to unskilled workers simply introduces poverty into the US
It is just as wrong as hiring illegal immigrants to pick produce in California. This keeps poor people poor, and makes rich companies even richer.

I think that if anyone wants to do business in the US, they should compete in the same arena as US workers.

The government does nothing to discourage US companies from outsourcing jobs. I think US companies should not be allowed to outsource jobs. It is nothing but 'cyber' illegal immigration.

These jobs should be kept here in the US, so that they can be done properly and supervised by an experienced professional here, not in Bangalore.

I am not being xenophobic. Anyone who wants to come to the US, become a citizen and play by the same rules we do, is welcome to come and try their luck.

However, the practice of outsourcing skilled labour to unskilled workers simply introduces poverty into the US.

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